Tuesday, May 20, 2008

She LIVES!!!!!!

Contrary to popular opinion; I am indeed still kicking. In fact I've been pretty darn busy! I realized today that it has been close to a month since the last time I posted. I miss not blabbering on and on about me and my ridiculously exciting life, and I know how much you've missed reading about it all! Actually, I have missed writing, but with school wrapping up and schedules changing... I have had a hard time working in a new time to blog. I usually blog when there's a lull in school or during breaks. Since that's over for right now I'm going to have to set aside a new time to blog.

As I write this I am sitting poolside, overlooking as the munchkins take their daily dip in the swimmin' hole. It is a stunningly beautiful day here! The sun is shining in all it's glory, while the wind gently brushes the heat away. I could sit out here all day! (I promise I won't blog that long, though! Ha! Ha!) I know, I have such a hard life. I think I'll just take a moment to catch you all up on a few things...

Like I mentioned; SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER! Not forever, just for the summer. We've already had to beat down the boredom beast! We had to compile an "I'm Bored" list. This list is clearly displayed for all to see, and when someone declares "I'm bored!" they are referred to said list, where they choose an activity to do. Everything from playing a board game to swimming are on this list. We add to it as we think of other things to do. Believe it or not, it really has worked! At first we had to remind them to consult the list when they declared their boredom, but after a few times they started doing it on their own. Several times the kids have even gone to the list themselves to find something to occupy their time. I think we can officially call the "I'm bored!" list a success!

Lots has been going on, on the family front. Somethings I'm not quite ready to blog about. Please keep my sister and her family in your prayers, they could use them right now. Both Alexis and Celine have their dance recitals coming up soon! This will be Celine's first, Alexis is an old pro at them, this being her fourth- I think! Cora is talking up a storm! She surprises me every time I see her! Both she and Deuce had their first hair cuts recently. Deuce looks like a little man! I'll share some of the pictures I took of them this weekend.

Well, I think that will be all for now. I promise to blog again soon!

Be good and God bless!

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