Thursday, January 13, 2011

A New Year, A New Beginning

When I started this blog, years ago, my munchkins were little bits and doing all kinds of adorable, little bit things. Time has passed, the munchkins have grown up into bigger, noisier (if you can believe it) munchkins, and time seems to be almost nonexistent. And this blog has suffered for it. My failure to post is not for lack of material. Believe me, and recently I've been reminded why I started this blog in the first place.

The kids, the younger ones especially, have discovered the posts of "Super Nanney Past", and have taken up reading and rereading them, and quoting them, (Imagine my horror!) and saying, "Remember when you blogged about that one time when I did that really funny thing?" Ugh! You're kidding me, right? But My favorite was when it was requested that I go back to updating. I think the exact words were, "Why don't you ever blog about us anymore? We're much funnier now than we were then!" Seriously? Think much of ourselves, do we?

So, I've been guilt tripped into blogging again. Not that I have any delusions that anyone reads this blog anymore, except for the kids featured. How ironic. But I never wrote for the readership. This was always a means to chronicle some of the funnier moments I live every day.

The good news is that the funny moments of everyday life still happen around me. And in spades. I have a plethora of material at my fingertips! And with my fancy, schmancy iPhone, blogging is easier than ever.

I bring you exhibit A. The following is a video of the two youngest pretending to be a "Bop It" toy. If you don't know what this then by all means, Google it! (I'd like to point out the two "cool dudes" in the background. They couldn't bother to participate, but couldn't stand to not be included. *waves* Hey, guys! I know you're reading this!) You'd think with all the toys they just received at Christmas they'd be able to find something to occupy themselves with. But, no.

Until next time!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Life, Laughs, and Learning

A Year in Review

July. Ten months. Wow. So much happens in that amount of time. I couldn't begin to try to share all the amazing, funny, exciting things that have gone on in the past ten months. So much living happens in a day, to try to cover 300 days in a post would be impossible. First an explanation....

I have been on hiatus for far too long. What started out as a little break turned into a near year long sabbatical from the blog. I have recently begun to miss sharing the crazy, entertaining things the munchkins say, and thought I'd take the summer to try to get back in the saddle again.

So what happened? Honestly? Life. I've been busy living it. Between my family and life here on Nanny Island, as I like to call it, has been full of adventures and blessings. Everything from babies being born, driver's licenses earned, high schoolers preparing to graduate, and just the general business of growing and becoming amazing human beings has captured my attention more than the blog did. Many, many times I thought, Man! I gotta blog that! But it never quite made it into the laptop. So, here's a quick recap of the past 10 months:

Grant (11) had several surgeries to correct the cyst in his bone, thank God he is well and his doctors expect him to continue to heal and never be effected by this again. While he healed he was a key competitor on his community swim team and was quite the little fish. Still is. Grant has also earned the nick name GQ for his keen sense of style. That kid is suave!

Celine (8) has been taking piano lessons for an old friend of mine, Carrie, and recently had her first piano recital. She is excelling and emerging as quite the little musician. She surprises us and her teacher each week. She continues to dance and that recital is fast approaching! School seems to be something she loves as she gobbles up everything she's taught. She's a smart, talented, witty little lady who I've been calling Smarty Spice lately. I think it suits her. She's grown so far beyond the little baby she was nearly 8 years ago.

Brian (10) is double digits! Man this is a BIG deal to these kids, and he welcomed the badge of honor eagerly! He's growing so big! Looking more and more like a little man. And what a funny little man he is! FunnyBoy is his moniker. This kid can make a brick crack up with just a look or silly comment. If he isn't in the entertainment industry one day then I'll be mighty surprised!

John Paul (12) Well, JP as he has requested us to call him (?), will be 13 this month, and with that "teen" label comes all the angst and emo you never imagined! He's TALL, and handsome, and a pain in my rear! I love the kid, but sometimes you just wanna..... Anyway, he's the star on his baseball team and about to enter 8th grade. WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?

Colette (15) now has her driver's permit, making that half of my munchkins legal drivers. I can remember when half my munchkins were in DIAPERS! Princess is finishing up her Freshman year in high school and is a real beauty. She is the life of any party she attends, and there are a lot of them, I assure you. Her dance card is full!

Kaleigh (21) Okay, the age alone should tell you how much is going on on her life. What a stunning young woman! And due to the fact that she IS a young woman now, I'll respect her privacy and just say that she's an amazing person who I am very proud of. Between school and life she keeps very busy. I'm proud to know her and have been a part of her life. It bogles my mind that I have known her eleven years.

Monica (17) is finishing up her Junior year in high school and doing very well. She was a contestant in her schools "beauty" pageant and did very well. We were all so proud of her. She has her own car now and zips all over town- when she isn't working that is. And she's ALWAYS working! She's the hardest working 17 year old I know.

Last but not least is Warren (18). Spielberg is his new name, why? Because the guy can make a movie! I'll post his Senior class video he made in my next. So he's graduating this week and will be off to Florida State University in the fall. (I may or may not be crying right now. Just saying.) Man, this kid is handsome, and so smart and talented. I can't wait to see the amazing things he's going to do in his life.

OKAY, that's all the munchkins. Now for a brief update on me, not that you wanna hear the boring deets of my life.

My nieces and NEPHEWS (yes I have brand new one, Gavin- 5 weeks old) are growing like weeds and I adore them beyond words. Still no man, but I'm coolio with that. I'm very happy and enjoying spending time with family and friends. I'm living on my own again. My lovable roomie and sister in Christ finally got tired of my crap and moved. Only kidding! She had an great opportunity and moved, so I got a place to myself and everyone is happy! Let's see.... Oh! I'm writing, like REALLY writing. It's not the Great American Novel or anything, but I'm stretching my writing muscles on it and learning a lot in the process. And, no, you may not read what I'm writing because it is crap and not worth your time. You can read my first book after it's published, okay?

OK, thanks for hanging in there through this. As a reward here is a munchkin story:

Brian and Grant were goofing off at recess this morning. They were dancing with their Mom's couch cushions, spinning them and being silly. Grant dips his "dance partner" and says to "her", "I'll dip you like a cookie in milk!" These boys are gonna need strong women when they grow up, that's all I have to say.

I hope to see you tomorrow!


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just back...

I'mmm baaaack!

After a much needed respite from the daily blogging, I am back, Jack! (Okay, so it hadn't been daily for a while there, but I really needed a break!)

So... what'cha been doooin'?

I've been doing a bunch of nothing, and a little of something. I've been writing, just not on the blog. (Sorry, Bethany!) I've been working- the kiddos are great by the way... they say "HI!" They have apparently missed the blogging too. Throughout the summer I'd laugh at something or say "That's too funny!" and the immediate response would be, "SO will that make it onto the blog?" Some of the hilarity was probably quite blog-worthy, but alas... it is lost forever.

We had Summer Games! Meg took all the pics, so until I get those from her, you'll just have to trust me that we had a blast! Well, the munchkins did at least!

I have a new God daughter, Amelia Rose! She's a sweetie! She'll have her own post in a day or so. Her Baptism is Monday, so I'll do something special for her!

My BIL (Blogspeak for Brother-in-law. Less to type and mess up that way!) has been deployed to Iraq for the next year. While we as a family are very sad to have him away from us, we are bursting with pride! I'll be keeping you all up to date with how he's doing as well. You can also check out my sister's very patriotic, star spangle-ly blog:

She updates regularly and you can see my adorable nieces and nephew. Plus keep up on all the excitement of their growing brood (the have 3!)

Have no fear of me abandoning the blog. I know you were losing sleep at night over this. School has started back, so I'll be spend copious amounts of time cooped up in a small area with these fantastically funny kids. That can only mean one thing: MORE BLOGGING!

A wise blogger once said:

"That which doesn't kill me gives me blog fodder."

So true, Mr. Miyagi. So true...

A closing note:

I saw a t-shirt when I was out shopping this weekend. The gist of it was:

"Sorry, I'm busy... just read my blog!"

Well, I've been too busy to even update, so I'm very sorry to those who read regularly and look forward to updates. I promise to do better from now on.

Lunch is coming to an end, so I have to end this post! Thanks for reading and not giving up on this Ninny of a Nanny!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Week-Long Work Week

Today is Day 1 of the week-long work week! Today my bosses leave for Dallas for a week. Kaleigh, the oldest of the 8 "kids" to have jaw surgery. (She's not technically a kid anymore, but I can still picture her sweet nine year old face that first day I came to the house...) Pray for her on Thursday, if you would, please!

So, it's me and the other 7 munchkins for the next 8 days. You may be wondering if you'll need to call the men in white coats by the time next Tuesday runs around. I don't think so, but you should probably keep the number handy, just in case. A lot can happen in 8 days.

For instance: The kids could cry "mutiny", and attempt to overthrow the ruling party (that would be me). Or a giant tsunami, (wow, I totally spelled that correctly without spell check!) could hit the east cost of Florida; though I don't believe one ever has. What about aliens? They could invade Earth just when Donna and Chris leave and snatch the kids' bodies and force them to do things against their will- wait... That could be a good thing. I'm pretty positive alien children are more well behaved than earthling children, but that's just a hunch. There is the off chance that I could lose my mind from the never ending chatter, questioning, noise/sound effects, arguing, and aggravation in general. The last seems most likely, but all are plausible. What? You know you've worried about at least ONE of those things happening, haven't you? Am I the only one who stays up at night worrying about this kind of stuff? Great. Now I'm a confirmed crazy. Go ahead and send out those men in white coats... At least we'll be prepared when the inevitable happens.

My Alien Boys...

Monday, June 29, 2009

Falling Off the Face of the Earth...

While it may have seemed like I did indeed fall off the face of the earth, it would be closer to the truth to say that I fell off the face of the blogging world.

No excuses; I'll just pick up where I left off...

LOTS has happened, babies have been born, toddlers have grown bigger, kids have moved on from Jr. Hight to High School, and one of my birdies prepares to leave the nest after his Senior Year comes to a close in 2010!

All this piled on top of my moving home to St. Auggie, and I have plenty of reasons to not be blogging. But I miss you all soo much that I can't to stand to be away another minute more! (Well, it's either that, or I can't stand to hear another inquisition wondering when I'm gonna ever blog again... I'm not sure which it is...)

I have a little time coming up, and my goal is to catch you all up on the latest and greatest going's ons in the Super Nanney Nebulous!

Thanks for not abandoning me, even when it seemed like I'd abandoned y'all! Keep reading! I promise funny stuff to come!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Week 36...

We are in our last week of school.  WOO-HOO!! and BOO!!!  Apparently this is a bitter-sweet time.  We have been working hard all year to get to this point: the end of the year.  Yet, as we now find ourselves staring in the face of this mammoth goal, it seems to be too soon. I must find was to occupy these munchkins days! ALL DAY! So now I will be planning the annual Willimas Familia Summer Camp.  *panic setting in*

Of course the majority of the time will be spent in or by the pool and ocean, this is Florida!  Then there will be the requisite bowling tourneys that we challenge one another to, many, many movies watched,  and picnics by lake and at the park.  With all of this stuff to keep us busy- it's hard to believe that it will not be enough!  

I have to go plan all the fun we will be having- starting NEXT week.  For now... it's back to grading papers, going over quarter reviews, administering end of the quarter tests, and MOUNTAINS of paperwork!  I can't believe that I'm even blogging right now!  In fact- I'm going back to helping Brian with his Religion Exam... *sigh*

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Big B!!!

Today is Brian's 9th B-day!  

Yet again, the time seems to be FLYING by... 

This is a chid with a tender, loving heart.  He's always ready with a smile and kind words.  Each day, after we have finished with our school work for the day, he will not leave the school room until he has given me a very thoughtful hug.  By that I mean that it is long and loving; you can't help but feel loved when you are with this child.  Add to that his AMAZING sense of humor, and uncanny ability to pick up and properly use quotes  form TV and Movies.  He's a trip!  I encourage you to look back on some of my older posts about this funny little friend of mine.

Here's one of my FAVORITE baby pictures of him....

And he requested that I take a picture of his new Webkins...

Here's to NINE AMAZING years, Big B!!  I will be saying extra special prayers for you today!  You are a blessing to everyone you meet.  

I love you, sweet boy.