Thursday, February 26, 2009

Knitting + Dieting = Perfect Pair!

Note: Yet another post that I started and never posted... Bear with me- this is the last one, I promise!  

This is one of the newest commercials out there dedicated to helping all us fatties lose some poundage.   Just a note, I laugh every time I see this commercial...


This commercial really speaks to me.  Why?  Well, because I have battled with my weight for as long as I can remember, and I just feel cosmically connected to this poor woman!  A sisterhood if you will.  Then there's the fact that I have recently picked up knitting, thanks to my friend and co-worker, Meghan.  I have been working on my first project, a purple scarf!  I can only dream of being amazing enough to knit a BASKETBALL JERSEY!!!  Holy smokes!! That is sooo cool!   I do think that this lady needs an intervention, and her hubby needs to invest in some contacts, (or at least a decent pair of glasses.)  I was just impressed that a company had the foresight to combine dieting and knitting. (um, I'm joking. Kinda.)  I think that they are the perfect combination.  (again, joking...)  I am soo gonna try this the next time I am hungry!  Imagine the projects I could complete!  I'm picturing baby blankies, scarves galore, shawls, hey, maybe I'll even knit me my own Snuggie!

Gotta run!  I've gotta a hankerin for some Girl Scout Cookies!  Maybe I can get that scarf finished instead of scarfing down an entire box of tagalongs!!  (then I can get to work on that cool snuggie!)  LOL!

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