Thursday, April 9, 2009

Our Legacy...

Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!

My mom and dad celebrated their Silver Anniversary this past weekend!  I am so blessed to call these two people "Mom" &  "Dad"!  My sister and I have been working very diligently to assure that this milestone didn't go unrecognized.  We planned a fun brunch with family and friends, we all went to Mass together that morning, and we even threw in a few surprises!  There was the "Wedding Cake" that I made for them, the M&M's with "Happy 25th" and Charlie & Sue Ann" printed on them, the amazing chocolate ganache groom's cake (Dad's a chocaholic!), and lastly the Movie we gave them that we did of their past 25 years together.  This was my favorite!  I'm such a sap!  I tried posting it at the bottom of the post, but it's LONG!  27 minutes long!  I think that may just be too long for blogger.  I'll try again soon...

I also made a little slide show of the pictures we took that day.  Mom and Dad look sooo happy!  

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My parents have been an amazing example of how to "work thing through no matter what".  I am so proud to call them Mom & Dad.  Here's t0 the next 25, you two!!

Thanks for teaching me the most important things in life:

God First, Family Second, & Love Always!

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