Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A little bit of everything...

OK, OK! Don't shoot! I know that I am a terrible blogger! This was probably the best AND the worst time to start a blog, but what's a girl to do? This is the best time of year for funny little anecdotes about kids and Christmas goings ons. Christmas is ALWAYS better when little ones are around! This is the WORST time of year because no one seems to have enough time to finish all the things that need finishing before the clock runs down and time is up! Just like everyone else, I seem to have too much stuff to do, and not nearly the time to finish it all! And what little time I DO have seems to be ticking away at twice the usual speed. AGHHH!!!!

In the midst of the Christmas Marathon Rush two of my charges celebrated birthdays this week! Princess Colette turned 13!!! She is officially a teenager! I have pictures! So Colette being a cool 13 year old had a Pink & Silver theme. We made personalized ornaments as guest gifts with pink and silver polka dots all over them with their initials on them. Here's some of the extra ornaments. They had fun just hanging out and being teen aged girls. Talk about fun times! To think that she was just five when I met her is sometimes overwhelming. She was once a little girl who loved nothing more than to curl up in my lap and hear a story or cuddle, now she's totally into boys and clothes and being "cool"! Man, I'm a wreck! If I'm this bummed about somebody else's kids growing up, how bad will it be with my own?!!

Then in the same week, Grant began his ninth year which also happens to be my ninth year with the Williams Family. Grant is quite taken with pirates and requested a pirate themed bowling party. You may be wondering, "How does one combine bowling with pirating?" Well, if can be done then I will find a way to seamlessly join the two! Thus the birth of the "Buccaneer Bowling Birthday Bash"! To the right you can see Grant modeling the Buccaneer facial hair that was included in the Loot Bags as well as buccaneer bandannas, eye patches, scull and cross bones pencil toppers, and an array of other pirate necessities. Thanks to Donna's hard work and AWESOME party favors, the party was a hit, and Grant was very pleased with the results. It was every little boy's dream!

Well, I have more than enough work to keep me busy until the dawn of Christmas day, so I had best be
getting busy sewing and wrapping and other Christmasy stuff! Until next time- God bless and BE GOOD!

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