Saturday, December 29, 2007

LONG work weekend...

This weekend is one of the rare and wonderful weekends where my bosses take off for the weekend either for work OR pleasure, and I get the honor of watching the little angels both night and day. (There is NO sarcasam is that statement. I PROMISE! I love being with them for long weekends!)

I learned something about children many years ago...OK, I have learned a LOT about children over the years, but in recent years I learned a rather unlikely fact: Children do not become quiet and peaceful when the sun sinks into the horizon. In fact, they become CRAZY, and Wild, and LOUD!!! Man, something happens to little people when it gets dark. I kinda think that they may be part ware wolf! These adorable munchkins begin to talk in highly elevated voices; (often called yelling in certain circles), they begin to try to snuff out each others lives, and they seem to be under the impression that the house magically transforms into a race track and they into Formula One race cars! All the running, yelling, and fighting are enough to make one run screaming through the neighborhood, "CALGON, TAKE ME AWAY!!!!" It's after long weekends like these that I start to seriously consider buying stock in Excedrin and Advil!
All the same, it is so much fun!

If you take away the crazy moments, the ones where you feel yourself loosing your temper and your sanity; and relish in the bazillions of other wonderful moments, then these weekends are what I wait for. To be able to cuddle up with the little ones and sniff their freshly washed hair as we watch a favorite movie for the umpteenth time, or walk in on a few of them playing very sweetly with each other, or reading to one another. That is MAGIC!

I had better tend to my brood, they are NOT in the Magical Mode right now! PRAY FOR ME!!!

God bless and BE GOOD!

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