Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy 2008 to all!

I pray that each of you will be abundantly blessed in this new year! My family had a sad start to 2008. We had to say good-bye to a beloved uncle and brother. My mom's oldest brother, Drew passed away on New Year's Day after a long battle with cancer. He was a wonderful, loving man of God, who will be greatly missed. It is a great comfort to know that he is with his parents, and together they are all praying that we too will join them one day.

May the souls of the faithfully departed, through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.

OK, on to the funny stuff, my life! SO this past week has been full of the craziness of getting back in the swing of things...You may be wondering what things might be swinging in my life, but it's more likely that you aren't! He he! But in case you are then here they are in no certain order:

The school bell has rung, and we are back to the good ole learning routine. (and as I type this, Meghan is trying to teach Grant the finer points of double negatives and they are both chanting, "I haven't never had a hat! I haven't never had a hat!" They seem to think that is a great sentence to chant.) Even with all its stresses and headaches I so love this time with them. Sure I lose my temper often, and I frustrate easily, but to be with them as they learn and to hear the off the wall and funny things they say makes it worth it! Don't dare tell my boss this, but to be honest, I'd do this work if the the only payment I received were the hugs I get when they finish their work at the end of the school day!

Healthy living is something we all start thinking about this time of year, and I am no exception! I have recommitted to the decision I made last year to lose weight and become healthy. I am well on my way to achieving my major goals, knocking out little goals along the way to the major ones. I have decided to forgo any sort of social life and opted instead to become a gym rat! When I said this to a friend yesterday she replied: "Shannon, I don't know that I would EVER describe myself as a 'rat' under any circumstances!" I would normally agree with you, oh wise friend, but in this case, it is SO applicable. Let me explain...

Each evening I scamper into the gym, (not the excited, "I can't wait to workout!" kind of scampering, more of the "Get me in there so I can get OUT!" kind of scamper, or even MORE rat-like is the "I hope nobody sees me" scamper.) I scan my membership card, and much like one of Pavlov's dogs, I have an automatic response to hearing the BEEP of the computer acknowledging my existence. One of doom, gloom, and fear of the pain that is bound to follow soon.(Hey that rhymed! ) I then head for the ladies' locker room to change my clothes and psych myself into climbing up onto an elliptical machine and not back into my car. I have come to a recent realization, that I really don't have a problem with the act of working out. My problem is with having to workout in front of dozens of people, all of whom, I'm convinced, have their own membership solely to stare at and snicker at the fat girl trying to workout. I know this is all in my head, and I'm sure that many a skinny girl has felt the uncomfortable heat of an intense stare while sweating on a treadmill, but for very different reasons, I'm sure. I'm already extremely self-conscious, put me in spandex and get me huffing and puffing and sweating profusely, then my self-conscious meter skyrockets! So now I have the complex of a "rat", feeling like I have no business being there. Then I work my boo-ta-tay off(hopefully) grunting as I struggle through my weights routine and sweat so much that I smell like a rodent of unusual size (that movie quote is for my roommate, Yvette!) Finally, I scurry out of the gym with lightning speed, desperate to be free of my smelly prison! I have to say that anyone who claims to have met their significant other in the gym either worked behind the counter handing out towels, or was blind and probably has a broken sniffer!

I have also been searching for a new T.V.
Now I had a perfectly good television: not too big and not too small. But obviously it had issues. A few weeks ago while I was working through a long weekend, my Sainted roomie, Yvette called me and began to explain to me that, just as she was settling into a DVD she's been wanting to watch, my T.V., the main one in our sitting room, had jumped off the shelf it has been sitting on for six months now, and landed face down on the tile. Try as she may to revive the set, it was a goner, and had to be "put down". This left us without a T.V., horror of horrors, I KNOW! So I started looking for a new T.V. I knew I wanted it to be a little bigger than the other one, so I was checking out 32" flat panel screens. Man, are they pricey! I made the decission to wait until after the Super Bowl to buy one. In the meantime we were watching T.V. on a tiny 15" set. In desperation I called my mom and dad and, low and behold, they said I could have my "old" set back. It was indeed the 32" I was hoping for, but not a flat panel, but it was priced just right: FREE! I am happy to report that this new set is indeed well adjusted (Ha Ha!) and in no danger of committing "set-icide"!
Wow! When I write I get carried away. This will have to be it, for now! Have a great day!
God bless and BE GOOD!

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