Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Entertaining Double Positives...

Wow! It's been a while since I posted last! I've been so busy sewing bags and trying to get some Christmas suff finished that I barely have time to sleep. Did I mention before that I have a small fashion business where I make handbags and purses, accessories and oodles of adorable baby goodies! It's called "Shananigans Bags" and here's the web site just in case you wanted to check it all out! . OK, enough shameless plugs!

So, SOMEHOW the four little munchkins who are all home schooled, are completely finished with their second quarter of school. Three weeks before the next one is supposed to begin! Now, I thought it was work teaching; coersing them to be still and focus while we all did school. Boy, how I long for THOSE days! It is WAY more harder to ENTERTAIN them! Meghan, the other teacher, and I have been planning and executing a Christmas Break Camp. Man, I need a break from this Christmas Break! Could we do fractions, please? I think I'd like that much more better.

Funny story. Today in amongst all of our entertaining and art projects, we had to have an English lesson. The kids, all of them, kept using double positives. It was so cute and funny, but annoying all at the same time! We had to stop and think if there was such a thing as a double positive, but heck, there has to be! There's double negatives, so why not positives. Now you may be wondering what in Sam Hill is a double postitive, but if you're a sharp cookie like my roomie, Yvette, then you already caught two examples in the above paragraph. Give up??? OK, here's the first, then you find the second: "It is WAY more harder...". See? Two positives. We could easily branch off into a lesson on positives and negatives in Mathematics, that's the teacher in me! But those were not my fav in school and still aren't, so we won't; that's the student in me!

Peoples, I gotta sign off now. I have that second dance recital tomorrow night. I will compare and contrast the two for you in another post. HA! There's another English concept! OK, I'll stop now. OH, and I'm working on posting pictures and videos on here. I think it would be more better interesting! Ha ha!

Ta, ta! Be Blessed, and BE GOOD!

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