Saturday, December 8, 2007

Dinners, Dancing, and teenagers, OH, MY!

In my first blog I mentioned that I was attending a dance recital for Colette. She did well! She danced her little heart out! There was more than just dancing, though. MORE? You may be asking. But yes. there was more! Dramas and high school bands and Choruses. All was done in the Christmas theme, and boy did they do it up! They all did well for middle and high schoolers!

Monica's recital was bitter sweet. It was well done and well danced. But, it was tainted by extreme sadness and tragedy. One of the dancers in Monica's class was tragically killed in a senseless car accident. She was hit by two different drivers while jogging across Kernan Blvd. So while the evening was filled with talent and amazing kids, it was still very sad. Please pray for Jordan's soul and her family during this horrible time. She was an only child with a future filled with promise and potential. They are sure to be having a difficult holiday. I'm sure they could use our prayers.

Meanwhile back at the hacienda... the boys are gearing up for a Christmas break to beat all Christmas breaks!! IT looks as though we will be having three weeks of break!!! Pray for ME! I will be running CAMP CHRISTMAS at the Williams' house! There will be Quilt making, Christmas ornament decorating, zoo and sports camps, park outings, and much, much more! It should prove to be a very busy 3 weeks! I just hope we adults survive!

Pictures will be posted!

Be Good, and God bless!

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