Friday, February 29, 2008

The Twilight Zone

DoDo-DoDo-DoDo-DoDo- DOOOOOOOOOOOO! You have now entered- the-Twilight Zone!

Something is definitely afoot in the Willimas House hold! (not a typo, old nickname thanks to Warren) I say this because this whole week has skated by so smoothly. Well we did have one minor bloody nose, but with a little love and a bag of ice all was fine. But lets talk about how the school room was eerily quiet the past few days, how everyone finished their school work early, and now, to top it all off, the little munchkins have all been sitting at the dinning room table coloring in near silence for over 50 minutes!!! In case you are having problems with the math- that's nearly an hour! I would normally be a little panicked if the noise level was at this all time low- that's usually a good indicator that someone is doing something that they shouldn't be. But seeing as I am sitting in the room with them, and can see them with my own eyes, the only explanation I have is that I must have been transported into the Twilight Zone! I mean, if not, then where are my munchkins?!! What has happened here?

Normally the energy level in this house is through the roof! But not only are we experiencing an unusually calm moment, but there has been NO bickering, complete and utter sharing going on, and even a bit of polite conversation being passed around the table! I am quite pleasantly surprised!

I will be the first one to tell anyone that I meet, that this group of kids is particularly good. All of them, and they always have been. This fact has impressed me from the first day I worked here. But kids are kids, and do kid things. Like, for instance, write on recently painted walls (when they were younger, of course); throw giant grapefruits into the lake and watch to see how many of them float down and over to the cranky neighbors yard; and yes, occasionally I have found my car being used as a make believe mountain that begged to be scaled. (This was one of the times I lost the use of my sweet and patient voice, I must confess.) But these things are things that most moms or people that spend much of their time around kids find themselves nodding their heads at in sympathetic understanding.

These kids are as far from Dennis the Menace as you can get, but this rare moment of quiet enjoyment of one another is still surprising, and wonderful. I love these munchkins! And I love listening to their little munchkin conversations! They're just so cute! This Friday is being dubbed "Fantastic Friday"! I just have this horrible feeling that I may have just jinxed this whole scenario by writing about it, but I couldn't pass this up. It has been one hour and fifteen minutes- and counting. I'm going to go and enjoy this while it lasts! I'll let you know when the spell is broken.

God bless and be good!

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