Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tests, family, and Anointiation

I know I already posted for today, but in order to move beyond my preoccupation with a certain man who will remain unnamed, I have decided to post about some of the things I have stumbled across this week. (I also will not tell you that I am listening to iTunes as I type this. Can you guess who I may be listening to?)

OK, this is the last week of the Third Quarter for us at Ave Maria Academy. Did you know that we had our own Academy? Well, we do, and it's the dreaded "End of the Quarter" around here. That means LOTS of reviewing and testing, oh and lots of grades/paperwork to complete and get ready to be sent off to be recorded. On top of all this Meg has jumped a jet and flown out to California to a conference, so I'm here with the kiddies, ALONE! Well, Donna's here, but I'm alone in the schoolroom. Honestly it's not been bad at all! In fact, it's been quite quiet. I have no idea why, but as the old saying goes, "Don't look a gift horse, or a quiet kid in the mouth". Alright I made that second part up, but I'm not about to question why they are miraculously muted! Anyway, I have felt a bit stretched from time to time, especially when everyone wants or needs my immediate attention. It's just a matter of tying the others to their chairs tight enough so he/she can't wriggle free before I can finish helping the other one. KIDDING! I find myself asking, "Can you wait just one moment more while I finish helping ___________ (insert Celine, Brian, Grant, or JP here). They've been very patient for the most part, thank goodness! Believe it or not, we are actually AHEAD of schedule! All of them have very light work tomorrow. I am completely confused as to how that happened, but I'll just refer to you to the old saying from earlier!

The other day while reviewing with Grant for his Religion test, Grant asks me, "Hey, Shannon, how do you spell 'anointiation'?" It took me a second to figure out what he was asking me. "What are you talking about, Grant?" (I was a little flustered, because I was doing a, ACTUAL Spelling test with Brian, and was feeling a little stretched!) Grant clarifies, "You, know, anoitiation, like in the sacrament: The Anointiation of the Sick!" I lost it! I laughed so hard. All he could do was say innocently, "What?" After I pulled myself up off of the floor and composed myself, I calmly reminded him that it was the Anointing of the Sick, and spelled that word for him. Too cute, too funny!

Now, on to my other favoritest gaggle of kids, my SISTER'S! (Man, I need some grown-up friends!) My sister tells me that my nieces and nephew are jealous that I don't write more about them here. Well, it's not because I like the other brood better or anything! :p It's simply due to the sheer volume of time I spend with these munchkins. You do have to admit that they provide one with oodles of amusing antidotes to share, though. So Katie decides to share a few funny moments with me, fully expecting to see them appear here in print. Being the accommodating Big Sis that I am, here they are:

Kate and Chris, her hubby, (I know my boss' hubby is Chris, too. Don't blame me for the confusion! Chris is a very common name, people!). So Kate and Chris asked Meg, who is also a professional photographer, to take the family's pictures last weekend. For whatever reason, there seemed to be quite a discussion about Cora's hair, and how it would be worn for the pictures. It was decided, after much debate (?), that she would simply wear it naturally. She has the most beautiful curls, so that would look oh-so-cute! Well, as Kate finished coiffing Alexis' hair, Cora steps up on the stool in the bathroom and declares, "Cora turn! Want bow!" Katie and Chris turn to one another and say, "Cora has spoken!" The result were adorable pictures of the whole family, and Cora had her bow. I'll be sure to post the results of the photo shoot once we have them back!

We attended the BIG family reunion on my Mom's DuPont side this weekend. There are so many people that we rent the St. Johns County Fairgrounds to be sure we have enough room! It lasts for days, and Sunday is the giant family supper. All of us were there, and wearing the requisite name tags. Alexis says to me, "Aunt Sissy, there sure are a LOT of Sissy's here!" It seems that our family has the tendency to nickname the girls in their families "Sissy". Man, I thought we were confusing Cora by calling Alexis Sissy and me Aunt Sissy, but that child was turning in circles with all the people being called Sissy there! Poor kid, she had no idea who was who! I think that Lexie was a bit confused too. She was happy to get to compete in the egg toss with her Daddy, though. She ended up with egg all over her, but she had a BLAST!

There were several adorable little play houses there. I'm not sure why, but I can tell you that I am sure that Lexie and Cora had a ton of fun playing in them! Maybe they were houses from Munchkin Land? I think Deuce was a little young to be interested in them, but he loved being able to run around and visit with everyone!

OK, I am typed out. Hey, guys, feel free to post comments and questions. Maybe I could do a question and answer post! Until next time:

Be good and God bless!

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