Tuesday, March 18, 2008

All Work and no Play....

I just thought I would give all of you out there a glimpse into my reality. Life here at work can be stressful, and busy, and well, trying; I've mentioned all that before, but honestly- that is a MINUTE part of the time spent here! The laughing and fun abounds! Ha! Ha! In fact just the other day, I was able to capture such a moment of fun on film. Should I share it with you? OK, I shall. And afterwards I shall explain:

So that was Meghan and John Paul, playing the XBox. They are my heroes- Guitar Heroes, that is! The two crazies running in and out of the frame are Grant and Celine. This was Meghan's first time playing- I'm the veteran having played it THREE times! It's a joke, really. The kids like to see how many notes the old ladies miss, even when playing on EASY. When we're not perfecting our Hero Skills you might find us in a rousing billiards tourney, or having a tea party. As I type this there is full out Jedi battle in the next room. I can hear little ones spitting everywhere as they simulate the sounds a light saber makes. HEY! Stop that you guys! That's unsanitary! As I was saying... We could be engrossed in a board game- Electronic Monopoly is the favorite at the moment. That and Pick-up Sticks. Or, my favorite activity, cuddled together reading a book, or 20. Meg even took them off to the beach in my absence. Man! You guys have all the fun when I'm gone! Hold on....


Sorry. We feel it's important to expand their vocabularies whenever possible. OK, so that's a bit of a stretch, but it never hurts to learn new things right? Does moving up to the next level of difficulty on Guitar Hero count? If so then these kids are geniuses! (we think that they are regardless!)

One last note:

Brian saw me posting a picture of him on yesterday's blog. And he says, "Is that about me?" I kindly pointed out that not everything on this great Earth pertained to him. He replied, "Well, you have to admit, I do some pretty funny things and say some really funny things, too!" I had no argument, like I said, genius! Until my next post that, according to Brian, is going to be all about all the wonderfully funny things he says and does...

Be Good and God Bless!

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