Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Last Day of School!

Well, until the end of Easter Break, that is! Today was a busy day, packed with all the work left to complete for the two days we will be out this week. Tests, creative writing, Religion lessons, etc. Celine is studying the 10 Commandments in Religion and there was a picture of a family praying with their hands folded and their eyes closed. She asked me why we have to pray that way. After I explained that you don't always have to pray that way, and that it is a good way to pray because we aren't as easily distracted, she preceeded to fold her hands, close her eyes, bow her head; but only for about a second. Then she looks up to me and says, "Know what I prayed for?" "No, sweetie, what?" Now, I fully expected some deep, earth changing prayer. One petitioning for world peace, or that all children might have homes and food and mommies and daddies who love them. At the very least a request to " make me a good child of God". What she answered was, "God. I want a pony." That's it. A pony. Not even a "please" was mentioned, much less a "May I have". What could I say? The only thing that was good and right to say: "A pony is a GREAT thing to ask for, Celine!" OK, thinking back I probably should have embraced this teachable moment and told her about all the things she could be praying for, but, hey! Ponies are very important, especially to little girls! And God knows the desires of our hearts, right? So, I say if Celine wants a pony then she should talk to Him about it! Besides we were only on page 2 of a 12 page lesson, and I was sure something else was going to come up- something a little more challenging that we might need to spend more time on, like "Thou shall not kill."

If you are anything like me then you have lots to do to get ready for Sunday! I am sewing Easter Baskets for my nephew and my Little Cousin Lizzy, and I am in charge of bringing the cakes-as usual! I can't decide between a bunny cake or a lamb cake. The last time I made the bunny it came out so cute, but died a tragic death while in route to it's destination. So I think I'll go with the lamb! I don't think I'd survive the loss of another bunny, especially on Easter. Then there's finding something to wear for Sunday, and Mom and I have been working really hard trying to get Shananagins Bags to be a little more productive, so I should be working on that every spare moment! This is a picture of the poor little bunny, RIP, Mr. Bunny! You sure did taste good! I'll be sure to post pictures of the ones I make for this Easter!

Wow, I had best get busy- lots to do, so little time to get it all finished in! Have a great day!

God bless and Be good!

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