Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Deuce is ONE!!!!

It is hard to believe that my precious little nephew is ONE YEAR OLD today! He is getting so big! As much fun as it is to say, "Deuce is ONE!"; it will be even MORE fun to be able to say, "Deuce is TWO!" You know, since "Deuce" means "two"? OK kinda corny, but he is a "junior"; named after his Daddy- so that makes him the Deuce. That's what his Daddy says, at least.

He has learned so much in his short year. For instance, he has mastered crawling, and is now quite the pro at walking! He has grown a number of teeth, and is now eating solid "grown up" foods with them! He's just begun trading stocks on Wall Street, and we have high hopes of him making his first million before his second birthday. OH, and he has a sure-fire way of breaking any fall or tumble with his forehead! We're even considering hiring him out to other toddlers for instructional purposes. He's just that good at it! My what a little person can learn in the span of just a year!

This Sunday we had a little pre-birthday celebration for the little guy. Later we will have a proper party to mark this special milestone. Katie was thinking of a "Farm" theme. Actually, in our family people don't really get a birth"day"; it's usually more like a birth"week" or sometimes a birth"month". Deuce is no different. Seeing as he and his sister's birthdays are only 2 weeks apart they get a giant joint birthday party. But to mark today Katie was going get him a cake and let him practice blowing out candles. He wasn't too good at it on his first attempt. He sure liked the way the candle sparkled, though! Deuce's daddy instructed his mommy that if she DID get a cake today, that it needed to be chocolate. Why? "No sissy yellow cake with fluffy icing for my boy! And absolutely NO girly sprinkles on the top!", I believe those were his words. Well, as you can see from the picture above, we already did the "sissy" cake, so I guess he could stand one that was a little more macho. Is there such a thing a a macho cake? If there is, Chris will find it! It'll probably be camouflaged- then my hope would be that Deuce could find it to blow out the candles!

You are very loved and very blessed!

And WE are blessed to have you in our lives! Have a wonderful day, all of you!

God bless and be good!

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