Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The importance of proper pronunciation...

This time change is on the verge of rendering me useless. I was amazed to learn that some countries actually don't participate in Daylight Savings, and so, I have decided that I am going to stop observing it myself! Who cares if I'm the only one in the Free World who does. At least maybe I won't be so groggy!

I think we are all feeling the loss of Saturday's hour of sleep. John Paul tells me today that, "Baptism is a snackrament that gives us the life of grace and make us children of God." Hmmm. A Snackrament? Not gonna touch that one. And then Grant just told us that Bishop Newman wanted to be able to speak to a young girl in her native "garlic". Now he was supposed to read "Gaelic", but added a "r" to it and so for the past 10 minutes we have been discussing "garlic" vs. "Gaelic", and name origins and meanings. Turns out that Grant, Meg, and my own name are all "garlic" in origin. WAIT! News flash! Meg just found out that her beloved name, which she has thought was Gaelic until this very moment, is in FACT- WELSH! Sorry, Meg, guess you aren't as "garlic" as you thought. It's OK, though, just go eat at Al's and you'll be VERY garlic-y! Well, at least your breath will be.

OK, enough.

Be good and God bless!

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