Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fashions by Celine

Celine has become quite the little artist! She has been doing very well in her dance lessons, and her recital is coming up very soon! She has just started her first piano lessons, and her teacher says that she is very smart and a quick learner. She has also shown a great interest in sewing. This I love, because this is something I love myself, so it is something we can do together.

Each week I drop little miss off at her dance lessons, and she gives me a full demonstration the next day of all the things she learned. She is very excited about her Cinderella costume and the other costume that is red with white polka dots on it. The first is her ballet costume, the other is for tumbling. She has begun counting down the days until the rehearsal and the recital. It's even marked on her school calendar. She also has been asking if I think I will be bringing her flowers. I've assured her I will. She's the prima ballerina in MY book!

Celine has been asking about piano lessons for a little while now. She loves to sit at the keys and play songs for everyone. Donna decided to get someone in to teach at the house, and I recommended my friend Carrie. Celine had her first lesson on Tuesday. Carrie came to the house and Celine was giddy waiting for her to get here. She loved the one on one attention, and seems to be catching on pretty well. Now it's all about reminding her to practice each day. I just hope she remembers me when she performs her first concert in Carnegie Hall.

In addition to piano playing and dance, Celine has also taken an interest in sewing. We all made quilts back during Christmas Break, and she loved doing that, so for Christmas Santa brought her a sewing machine. Not just any sewing machine, but a Hello Kitty sewing machine. We're not talking about a play sewing machine, but a real honest-to-goodness grown up sewing machine with Hello Kitty on it! It is so kewl! (That's how the kids are spelling that type of cool these days! LOL) So we have decided to do a few fun projects through out the summer. Our first project was to make her a little sun dress. OMGoodness! It turned out so cute! Here is a picture of her in her creation!

Isn't it cute? Isn't she cute? She did a great job, and she is doing so well! Next we will be making a soft book for her new baby cousin. I already know that it will be adorable!

Be good and God bless!

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