Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Boy Bands


OK, sad but true, they were my childhood obsession and all I have to say is: New Kids- We love you!

Jordan, Jonathan, Donnie, Danny, and little Joey are all back together and announced last week that they have been working on a new album due out soon, and that they will be touring in select cities! OMGosh! I am, like, totally stoked! I'm waiting for some dude to stick his head around the corner and say, like, SIKE! Or something!

For all of you in cyberland who are clueless to my teen aged obsession with New Kids on the Block, well, let me just fill you in. OK? As a awkward, pimply teen (is there any other kind of teen?) I was quite literally obsessed with the New Kids, as they were affectionately referred to. I had the walls of my room papered with images of them ripped from the pages of any and every magazine they appeared in. Eventually my ceiling was covered by posters and pictures as well. Joey, the youngest was my fav, but I loved them all! Not only did I sleep in a New Kids Box, but I slept on New Kids sheets, which I think are still around somewhere. LOL! I also had a life sized cut out of the guys, and my dear mother fed the craziness by carting me and my friends all over the State to see them in concert. And now they're BACK! LOL! I apologize to my family for all the times I blared "Hangin' Tough", "Please Don't Go Girl", and "Didn't I Blow Your Mind?" from my cassette player. What can I say, I had it bad!

Granted I'm much older and more mature these days, (although, I think I've grown more in age than maturity! :) ) you never forget your first love. For me that was the New Kids! Along with a few friends who also swooned over the boys, Ihave vowed to travel, regardless of the distance, to see the boys in concert. Wanna join us? He he! Just to put this into perspective, though, I'd take me some Buble over any New Kid, any day. He's the New Kid on my Block! Ha Ha!

Until next time: KEEP KEEPIN' ON!

Be good and God bless!

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Carolina said...

LOL!!! :) You are so funny, Shannon! I only have to visit your blog to put a smile on my face for the rest of the day. You also inspire me to keep my childishness about me when dealing with my two little ones here. You are a ray of sunshine! Thank you!
love, your long lost cousin-in-law, in the middle of California,
p.s. I was not as into them as you post on your blog, but I did have a major crush on Joey myself! It'll be fun to see them come back!