Friday, April 11, 2008

The Princesses are HERE! The Princesses are HERE!

The Princess on Ice were amazing! I had no idea that Princess Jasmine had mad skating skills! There were the Princesses, of course, and their Princes, one magic Genie, there were colorful fish, Mickey, Minnie and Goofy all stoped by, acrobatic sailors, three fairy God-Mothers, Tinker Bell, evil step-mothers, a talking crab, wicked step-sisters, a monkey, lively market people, a wishing well, sword fights, an epic battle between good and evil, King Triton, a fire breathing dragon, and bubbles GALORE! Whew! It was quite the show.

I wish I could say that I had a TON of pictures to show you, but alas- I was born blond. Meaning that I was smart enough to remember to put the camera battery on to charge, but failed to plug the charger in!!!! I can be so absent minded! So I was left with what little charge the battery had from when I had charged it a few weeks ago. That wasn't very much, by the way. I did manage a few pictures of the girls, and a few of the show. The girls had a great time and so did I.

The girls had much to discuss on the ride home, deep thought provoking debates such as; Do you think that the Princes really kissed the Princesses, or did they just pretend? Then there was the question: How did Tinker Bell get so big? I thought she was a lot smaller than that for real! Both girls had their favorite Princess. Kate loves Jasmine, and Celine is torn between her love of Princess Ariel and the classic Cinderella. With options like those, who could choose?

We had amazing seats, right on the ice! And wonders of wonders, it was COLD! I would catch the girls shivering, but they NEVER once complained, and their excitement was obvious because they never asked to leave to get food or to go to the bathroom. That never happens! They did have a little problem with their seats, though. They kept closing up on them! It was funny, Celine said it was OK, she was warmer that way!

Be good and God bless!

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