Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Famous frogs and the Slowskys...

So how many famous frogs can you name in 30 seconds? OK- GO!

I would bet that the first one you thought of was Kermit the Frog, that lovable little green dude Jim Henson created back in the day. I bring him up because I have a story. Surprising, I know. So Brian was reading about St. Rose of Lima in History today. The book told of her remarkable holiness, even as a young child. She would often go off alone as she delighted in praying, so she spent a lot of time by herself. The book compared her to a "hermit". Pausing, I asked Brian if he knew what a hermit was. As I explained that hermits spend a lot of time alone and avoided contact with other people, Brian chimes in, "OH! And they're like that little green frog, guy, right?! " HUH? ... It took me a second, because it came out like this: "OH! And theyrw wike that wittle gween fwog, wright?!" Then I had to realize that he meant KERMIT THE FROG! We had a good chuckle and got back to learning about St. Rose, who is one of my FAV Saints, BTW!

One last note- the "Willimas" family lives on a lake, inhabited by numerous fish, ducks, other birds, I think that we've established that there are snakes in the area, and turtles. In the afternoon the turtles will come up the banks to sun themselves. Today there were two that looked like they were talking to one another, it was pretty funny to see them interacting. One of the kids said, "Hey, look! It's the Slowskys!" They were very proud that they had made the connection. I on the other hand was reminded that perhaps we do watch a little too much T.V.! LOL!

OK. That's all for today!

God bless and be good!
P.S. Feel free to e-mail me the names of the other famous frogs you came up with, and I'll compare it to mine! Ha! Ha!

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