Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Alexis is a STAR!!!

What a fabulous party!!! I must admit it was not for the faint of heart or sensitive of ear! With 30+ kids running amuck and 12 adults to wrangle them, it was a crazy afternoon of Freeze Dance, Musical Chairs, Lunch, and Karaoke! I will spare you most of the performances, but we had the gamut! From country to good ole rock and roll, opera to Disney tunes. (Celine was a little disappointed that there wasn't any Journey, though!) A few of the kids really got into the theme and wore costumes. Alexis was dressed as a Pop Star, Celine came in her Country Western Gear, one little girl wore her "Phantom of the Opera" dress and another came as a ballerina. Not sure how that fit in the singing theme, but she tried all the same.  Oh and there was one REALLY cool cake that "Aunt Sissy" made for her precious niece and God daughter.  BTW...that's what Alexis calls me, Aunt Sissy.  It's fun and easy to do.  Not to mention it's the one thing I can contribute that doesn't require me sitting behind a sewing machine.  That gets old after a while!  Here's some pictures from the day:

Alexis loved having all her friends around her! There were lots of them, too! All different ages, all different personalities, it was a smorgasbord of entertainment!   I will say that it's a good thing this happens only once a year, though.  Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, if you know what I mean!

SO- Happy 7th birthday, Lexie!  Aunt Sissy loves you!  XOXOXOXOXOXO

AS always, be good and God bless!

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