Thursday, July 10, 2008

Catching up...

Man, I feel SOO behind! There's so much to share, and I still haven't told you guys anything about the Kids' Bahama trip or my Disney trip! OK, so I guess this will have to be the speed version in order to get you all caught up and get me feeling like I'm not a horse's behind...oops I mean a plain old behind. No- still not right, well, you get my drift. I hope.

The kids had a blast in the Bahamas! All went well with the exception of a few travel snafus. Beginning with Donna and Monica's luggage being randomly chosen to be taken off their plane and sent along on a later flight. That resulted in Donna being bag-less for 24 hours and Monica for 48. Let's just say they had one VERY unhappy teenager on their hands for a few days, and leave it at that. Then there was the "Tower of Terror". The REAL life one! Apparently the first elevator they boarded at Atlantis had a glitch? Because once they all piled onto it, luggage and all (minus Donna and Monica's, of course) the thing lost power and even dropped a little before the safety kicked in. They were stuck in the dark with an elevator filled to the brim with screeching kids, when the power finally came back on the thing SLOWLY descended to the ground floor. Once freed from their box o' death, they were told, "Oh, that's nothing. It was just a little power outage. It happens all the time on the island." Well, I'm told the kids refused to get back on that particular elevator again for the entire week. Good thing there were others, huh? They had a dolphin encounter where they got to get into the water with a dolphin and interact and pose for pictures. They turned out pretty cute, especially the ones of Chris kissing the big guy! Most of the rest of their time was spent on the beach or beside the AMAZING pool. From what I can tell from the stories and the pictures, they had a great time, Mon!

OK, Disney....Well Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot. I had never been to Animal Kingdom, either had Yvette, and she had never been to Epcot, so we were really excited to be going on this "roomie" trip together! Three parks in 2 days was ambitious, but we had extended hours in the parks because we stayed in one of their resorts. It was fun staying out in the Magic Kingdom until 2:30 AM. Fun, but not for the faint of heart. I think their may have been more people there at night than in the day! But it was FUN! BTW: Thunder Mountain becomes a very scary ride after dark! I so don't remember that ride being that intense!

We, that is- Yvette and I, had a "Magical Time" at Disney. In case you're wondering...that's both a good and bad thing. Good in the respect that we had a ton of fun! Bad because every time you turned around SOMEBODY was telling you to have a "magical day". Cute concept when you think about it. That being Disney and all, but THREE DAYS of being told to have a magical day really got to be too much. I understand that these good people were just doing as they had been threatened, er, instructed to, but it was irritating none the less! Here's how it went...

Me: "Excuse me?"

Them: ""yes?"

Me: " Could you please tell me where to find guest relations?"

Them: "Certainly! It's that giant blue building right in front of you that has 'GUEST RELATIONS' spelled out on top of it."

Me: "Oh- Thank you!"

Them: " My pleasure! Have a Magical day!"

Now- that's cute, right? Sure it is! But imagine EVERY conversation you had with a Disney employee ending with "Have a Magical Day!" It got old quick! I even had one lady tell me to have Magical Day THREE times in the same 30 second conversation! I told Yvette that the first person that worked for Disney that DIDN'T tell me to have a Magical Day was going to get a sincere Thank You for me and a GREAGT BIG HUG! Well, I never had the chance. It never happened. Having a Magical day became the running joke on the trip. For example:

-Tired and standing in line for 95 minutes to ride a 5 min ride: "Are you having a Magical day?"

-We're starving and reach the "Place your orders here" window just as they make the announcement that they are all out of the item you were going to order after standing in line for 28 minutes: "Sorry we are all out of that item, but 'Have a Magical Day'!

-Exhausted and blistered, we wait in yet another line for 30 minutes for a shuttle that will take us back to our resort, this would be a great time to turn to one another and sing together, "Have a Magical Day!" You know, just to remind yourself that your ARE in Disney! You aren't allowed to have anything short of a Magical Day!

I've decided that while we had copious amounts of fun, that Walt Disney World really should be renamed "Wait in Line Word"! You spend a great portion of your time waiting in those magically long lines!

All joking and complaining aside- we DID have a Magical time, and we are looking forward to going back when it's a lot cooler and using our third day. This time I'm going to be ready with my response to "Have a Magical Day!" I think it should be something along the lines of "Bah! Humbug!" Just kidding. Just kidding! I'll show you the Memory Book if- I mean after I finish compiling it online and have it printed. Until then, here are a few picts of the weekend!

Well, I'm going to sign off for now. Hope you feel a little more caught up. I do. A little.

God Bless and be good! Oh and.......


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Paul said...

Kinda like NYC's HOT and CRUSTY, huh? LOL :) Thanks for sharing your story. Gave me a good laugh!