Thursday, July 24, 2008

Finding Mr. Right

The fact that neither Meghan nor myself are married seems to be a major issue these days in the "Willimas " household.  JP takes great delight in reminding me almost daily that I'm "old" and unmarried.  It's times like these that I am actually grateful for having grown up with such an annoying little sister.  I owe a great deal of  thanks to Katie's over achieving approach to aggravating me when we were children!  JP will say things like, "Shannon, when you have children of your own...oh, wait.  You're not married!"  It's funny, really it is.  In a sad but true kinda way.  I keep telling him to hurry up and find me a hubby and the problem will be solved.  Donna mentioned something the other day about some cute guys she had seen.  JP pipes in with , "You should set them up with Shannon and Meghan!"  Obviously our being single concerns JP greatly.   Me, too, JP.  Me, too.

Then there's Meghan, who has Celine praying for us each night before she goes to bed; that we will find suitable men to wed.  "Lord, PLEASE send Godly men for Shannon and Meghan to marry.  Amen."  Apparently she's been forgetting her task more than she has been remembering it.  We're still single.  She claims that she just doesn't remember, so Meg and I are going to tape a sign to her headboard that she sees before she goes to sleep and remembers to pray!  

Speaking of signs...

While this has become a running joke both at work and amongst my family members, I think the situation has become dire.  Last night on "So You Think You Can Dance" one of the dancers held up a sign as a prop that read, "Looking for Mr. Right".   Donna tells me that Celine was watching and says, "Hey, Shannon and Meghan are looking for Mr. Right, too!"  So we are going to take a cue from "SYTYCD" and Celine.  We've had a sign made and vowed to pick a different Church to stand out in front of each week and proudly display our sign and advertise our singleness!   Look for us on the six o'clock news!  

Meg tells me that Chris has even jumped on the band wagon, going so far as to suggest that a computer course might be an excellent place to meet men.  Et Tu, Brutus? Et Tu?

In closing.  Should you or anyone you know of come across suitable, clean cut, EMPLOYED men who have a deep love for God.   PLEASE for the love of all that is good and holy, please send them our way!  BTW- I get first pick.  Sorry Meg, but I AM older and by that definition more desperate!

Be good and god bless!

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