Thursday, July 3, 2008

Vacation from the vacation?

Time to bring you all up to speed. I'll go into details in other posts so this doesn't become a marathon post!

As of Friday of last week I was on my vacation. Or as the kids call it "va-ca" (pronouncing both "a"s long!) Friday was a nice, laid back day, spent chilling at the condo. Oh, and I went to see one of my teens in a local production of "OZ". She was great and I was glad I made the trip to see her perform. Saturday was a little more interesting seeing as it was Alexis' Dance recital. She was great, of course! She has really developed as a dancer this past year! Her poise and grace has greatly improved, and I hear that she has moved up to the next level of dance! She was so proud of herself. She had more flowers than she knew what to do with! That's nothing to sneeze at!

Sunday Yvette and I left for Disney. I'll tell you all the details in my next post. We had a great time! And we were ready to come home, it was a long two days!

Tuesday and Wednesday were kind of a recovery time for me, what little time I had between running errands and filling orders for Shananagins Bags. I most definitely need a vacation to recover from my va-ca!

From what I can gather the Willimas Family had a blast, in between the natural disasters, real life Tower of Terror, and the lost luggage, that is! Again, I'll save the details for another post, but it would appear that they too need a Vacation from their vacation!

Today the long awaited HOT TUB was delivered! Woo-Hoo!!!! After four hours of instillation "the Monster" as it's currently referred to, is up and running. Just in time for the Fourth! PARTAY on!

Until next time, my friends...

Be good and God bless!

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