Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Work WeekEND

Men of Iron, unblinking fish, bouncy houses, sewing summer frocks, flying Fidos, Apples 2 Apples, Beach Boys, and cosmic concerts. Rather than give my usual witty sometimes even eloquent descriptions of all that I have been up to the past few days, I thought I'd just do a running list. Oh- and add to that list first aid. Lots of first aid.

This past weekend was a work weekend, For those of you new to the blog, I love these weekends. While they may be long and energy zapping, I love that I get to be with the kids from the time they wake up to the time their sleepy heads are gladly sent off to bed. I worked Thursday morning through Sunday evening, and I worked the week prior and after. So I am beat! But, that's neither here nor there!

While we usually have oodles of spare time to chillax (that's chill and relax, LOL!) we were busy, busy, busy! Thursday was the quietest day we had by far. We spent a lot of time in and by the pool. (I know! Don't even tell me I have the perfect job. I know I do, but you should read some of my past posts about the bedlam craziness that usually is the norm around here! Then you will see the need for quiet moments such as those that were Thursday!) I DID have 4 extra kids, though. Their cousins came over for a few hours. Some even stayed the night. Can anyone say SLEEPOVER? By the way- I didn't sleep much this weekend.

Friday was Ollie Koala day. We spent MOST of the day frolicking amongst the blinking lights, roaring sirens, and delighted squeals of countless children as they ran amok in a world of childhood delight! Never been to Ollie Koala's? Visit: http://www.olliekoalas.com/ It's a local version of Chuck E. Cheese, and in my opinion a zillion times better! We always have a great time. It was especially busy that day, though. That makes it a little more stressful, but fun all the same!

Saturday found us back at the MOSH. We had recently been there on a field trip, but the museum had a family appreciation day, and had lots of special things to entertain the kids. We were there form 11 AM til 4:30 PM and I wasn't once asked if it was time to go home yet! And with a group of kids this size, that is a rarity indeed! They had Iron Man there, bouncy houses, face painting clowns, games galore, BMX bikers doing stunts, frisbee catching dogs,

Sunday we went to Mass and came home after a quick trip to the store for some much needed groceries. Celine and I did a little sewing before I left Sunday night, and I can honestly say that while I was relieved to be headed home to my own bed, I was actually SAD as I pulled away! (Not going to mention that I was going to be back the next morning!) This weekend may have been long, but I'll be having a nice little break when the family heads off for an Island vacation. Without me. :( It's OK, though. I'm going to DISNEY WORLD! I'll tell you more about that latter.

Until then-

Be good and God bless!

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