Thursday, August 28, 2008


I say this A LOT.  I've said it for so long and so often that I almost forget where I first heard it.  It's one of those things you pick up from the people you spend time around.  I have one person and one person only to thank for this expression: MEGHAN!  She used to say it ALL this time.  Somehow it wriggled its way into my head, and know I don't know where I'd be without it!  Thanks, Meg!  You are Too Funny! 

Someone once asked me what that meant.  What do you mean by what does it mean?  Isn't it obvious? Well, incase it isn't, it just means that whatever struck me as humorous was more than just funny, it was too funny.  Funny to the point of being dangerous.  Funny enough to make one snort, or maybe spew milk out their nose- if one were drinking milk at the time, that is.  Funny to the point that you are on the verge of embarrassing yourself and those around you.  Are you getting the picture?   I'll admit to overusing this little gem of a phrase.  In fact I may even be guilty of using it when something wasn't exactly "too funny".  For the most part, though, these two little words serve me very well.  If I were asked to describe my work environment in two words I would proudly proclaim: "Too Funny!"   Here a a few of the latest examples of my job possessing it's fair share of too funny moments...

My boss and her hubby, (OK- technically, he's my boss too, but she calls the shots!) both recently bought iPhones.  The kids are kinda infatuated with them.  They use them like walkie talkies, calling each other from the phones and then walking around the house.  Sometimes their even sitting in the same room!  A few Friday's ago Chris and Donna were home and Chris was outside with the kids tossing around the baseball and Donna was inside with the bigger kids and myself.  Donna's phone rang.  Celine was calling from just outside the front door:

Celine: Mom?  It's hot out here!

Donna: I know sweetie, that's why I'm in here!  Why are you calling me from Dad's phone when you're just on the other side of the door?

Celine: No, Mom, it's really hot out here!  I'm like, really sweaty!  And Dad's phone is really cool, and he said I could call you.

Donna: Ew.  Dad's phone is cool, but so is mine, their exactly the same.  It sounds like it's pretty hot out there.

Celine:  It is!  Can you feel me sweating?

Donna: No, honey, I can't feel you sweating.  The phone's not THAT good! 

Celine: Well, so you know, it looks like wetness, but it's sweat!


This week has been filled with such moments during our Religion classes.   First Brian was reading about the angels, how they are always in God's presence and how they sing Him glorious hmmmmms.  I was caught off guard, and had him point out the word he was trying to read.  It turns out it was hymns- Glorious hymns.  I guess they hum  when they don't know the words too!  See, you learn something new everyday!

Grant is insisting that God has a head.  A physical, floating head.  Why? Because according to him, no one can survive without one.  When I tried to remind him that God doesn't need a head, that He's GOD, Grant then became very concerned that God didn't have anyplace to keep His hair, and God is always pictured with hair.   So where does He put it?  I had to let this one go after a few minutes of arguing with him.  I restated the facts, but he knew I was on the verge of erupting in laughter so he kept egging me on.  I just dropped the conversation.  New topic.  It's the only thing that seems to work when he gets like this.  

John Paul has the sweetest nickname for me.  "Mellon-head".   (I'm being sarcastic about the sweet part)  He started calling me this years ago.  Why?  I have no idea.  He actually forgot about it, thank goodness, until recently.  Now the blasted thing is back with a vengeance.  This is one of those things I have to force myself to ignore.  If I laugh at this then it just encourages him, and believe me, he doesn't need any encouragement.  But you have to admit, it's pretty funny.

Monica, someone I don't mention too often here because she's one of the teenagers, and they have specifically requested to be omitted from the blog (but I'm gonna talk about her anyway),- so Monica has dubbed  herself the "Love Guru".  She has decided that it is her moral obligation to give Meg and I love advice.  She's actually quite good.  She says that our new mantra is "Get out of the box".  According to her we are stuck in a rut.  Wow.  I had no clue.  I'll get right on that!  Thanks for your expert advice, Mon.  Actually, since your giving out advice, could you point me in the direction of the nearest exit "out of the box"?  You're the best!  (I just hope she doesn't start charging for this advice.)  

JP and Grant washed my car yesterday.  They did a great job!  When I told them that they should consider starting up a business, the response was; "Why would we do that?  Then we'd have to work!  Plus Dad gives us money whenever we need it."  I have just one question..."Can Dad adopt me?"

Be good and God bless! 

P.S. Meghan, I thought of you as i composed this post, not because you play a major role it in, but because I put "myself" after everyone else when speaking of several people.  See, someone DOES listen when you teach JP and Grant grammar.  ME!

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