Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Spooky Monster

I was warned.  I should have expected something like this.  But did I heed that warning?  No.  Brian clearly stated that there was a monster in the school room.  Now, in my defense, there has never, not once, been a monster in the school room before, so you can maybe understand my skepticism.  In fact I believe my exact response was, "Uh, huh.  Sure there is.  That room is infested with 'em."  So when I walked in and found this....

I was shocked!!!  I can promise you that this is not a regular fixture in the school room.  We don't just have jack-o-lanterns laying around the room.  I'm not saying it's wrong to have jack-o-lanterns strewn about the floor, I'm no judge.  I'm just saying that we aren't that kind of house!  LOL!  Then to my horror the jack-o-lantern morphed, with arms and legs, and walk out of the room!

This of course was Grant.  He found this costume in the dress up box and thought that it would be a great idea to put it on and sit in the middle of the floor until somebody found him.  I have no idea how long he sat here waiting for someone to come up here.   Yesterday he and Brian put on jeans and flannel shirts, which they proceeded to stuff so it looked like they were the "Buff Brothers".  They did a pretty convincing job!  I'll add the picture as soon as I can.  The were aptly named, I can assure you!  THIS is my LIFE!

God bless and be GOOD!

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