Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I <3 my iPhone!!

I got my iPhone!  I got my iPhone!  Nana, nana, boo, boo!  Hey, wait.  It's not nice to tease!  I'm sorry.  But I'm just so excited!  I sold my iTouch so I could get this little sucker, and so far I love it!  It does everything except wash the dishes and vacuum the floors.  (But I could go online and hire a maid to do those things for me.  Too bad I spent all my $$ on the phone!!)  

FYI :  the little symbol in  the title is heart.  It's like the smiley face- kinda.  :)

Also, notice the Twitter feed at the left?  I can update that from my phone!  It tells you  what I'm doing at that moment!  Cool!  A new obsession!   Thanks, Mom, for the mild OCD you passed on to me.  Too bad I don't obsess over a clean house or spelling errors instead of FaceBook, huh?  (or for some of us it's counting pelicans! Ha! Ha!)

  Domenic Update!   He's doing much better now that he has his antibiotics and pain killers!  He should be back to his old self in about a week.  Oh, and it ended up costing me a pretty penny, too.  Geesh!  Vet's are more expensive than people doctors!  I'm in the wrong business!  No, I'm NOT.  Really, I'd much rather deal with kids all day over smelly pets.  :P
Again, this is a short post.  Trying to catch up, and not overwhelm everyone!  

God bless and be good.  

OCD tip of the day:  Don't count pelicans when you're driving!  C-ya!

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