Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Mac was Hijacked!

I think that we have all established that I LOVE MY MAC!  I just wish it could find me a man!  LOL!  J/K, really, I am!   Anyway.  We just got back upstairs from our morning snack time and I find that my precious MAC was open, when I KNOW I had left is shut.  Brian says very innocently, "Shannon, check out 'Photo Booth'."  So I open the program and this is what I find.  I'm warning you, what you are about to witness is NOT worthy of an Emmy nomination, but again, this IS my life...

These kids hijacked my MAC!  It's not like they don't have one of their own to make silly movies on.  They have a HUGE one!  They could be on the big screen, but they choose mine.  Heck, Meghan has a MAC, but do they goof on hers?  NO they don't!  Might I add that this is a normal occurrence.  These little monkeys do this often, this next little gem was just last week.  They DELIGHT in leaving me little video hugs.  (I've taken to calling them this, it's my way of making them sweet and adorable, rather than obnoxious!)

See what I mean- definitely not Emmy worthy!  But still funny!  If anyone has any tips for keeping little monkey paws off my MAC, I'd appreciate them!  Hope you've enjoyed my video hugs!

God bless and be Good!

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