Monday, October 6, 2008

Fun at Dad's Office

Today was teeth cleaning day!  Woo-hoo!  I can honestly say that I have never met a group of kids so excited to go to the dentist!!  I guess it helps that their dad is their dentist. Well, that, and they get a short school day.  So when we all piled in the car to head to the office the kids were wound up!  That's a trip on the crazy train in and of itself, but to have them cooped up in the office with numerous pairs of ogling eyes just waiting for me to BLOW MY TOP, compounds the situation.  Any of you reading this who have children know what I'm talking about.   

Anyway, they can only take two kids back at a time.  That leaves me in the waiting room with the other two, sounds like a breeze, huh?  WRONG!  So wrong!  Two kids are not a problem, heck watching 2 kids is like a vacation for me!  But we WERE in a public place, their dad's office, none the less.  There is a LOT of presure here!  For some unknown reason, the lovely women in Chris' office think that I am the pied piper, or something akin to the Super Nanny.  OK, I KNOW that is the name of the blog address, but it's a joke, a pun, if you will.  I'm poking fun at the fact that my profession is that of a NANNY and my last name is NANNEY, but I am in no way on equal footing with Super Joe, (FYI- That's Super Nanny's REAL name.)  So I have the watchful eyes of the office staff, Chris is wandering about the office from time to time, and the office has the usual flow of patients in and out the door.  Oh, and did I mention that Donna was there too?  Well, she was mostly "in the chair", that's shop talk for "she was having her teeth cleaned", for you non-dental people.  :p  

For the most part the kids were fine.  Aside from the pent up energy, that is.  This means that their sharp little wits and even sharper tongues were flying a mile a minute!   Then for some strange reason the all wanted to be on the floor.  I have no idea why, but I had to order each of them at some point to get up off the floor!  I think 
the thing that gets my biscuits a burnin' is when I have to repeat myself, repeatedly!  After numerous request to remove their bodies from the floor, and multiple threats and bribes I was pretty miffed.  Grant says, "Hey Shannon, I think I can see steam coming from your ears!"   Well, Smarty Pants, maybe that's because my BLOOD is BOILING!  J/K  But I WAS really miffed.  After a painful hour and a half, Donna had to leave to pick up one of the other kids from school.  Two of the kids were still "in the chair", so she left us, stranded, until they were done.  Well, we weren't really stranded, but we were stuck there until Chris was ready to head home.

There were some pretty entertaining moments.  There are ALWAYS entertaining moments, though!   John Paul provided us with one of the first.  He was reading through a Sports Illustrated Magazine and says , "Hey, Shannon? Wanna see what I'll look like in the future?"  I answered him, "Sure. Why not.  This should be good."  He turns the magazine around, this is what he showed me...


I have no idea where they get this stuff.  Who says that?  The only response I had was to tell him that he must have run into a barrel of radioactive goo because his arm is all blue, and that he had pretty high hopes for the future and that it was good to shoot for the stars.  Ha Ha!

I then looked over to Celine who was eerily quiet.  This is what I found:


The girls in the office started calling her St. Celine.  Please.  I hope and pray that some day she is in fact a saint, but this is not that day.  Especially since not two seconds ago I was growling at her to sit her boo-ta-tay in her seat!  I told her to look up the 10 Commandments and read #4: Honor your father and mother and nanny. (That last part is implied, we've talked about this in Religion LOL!)

Here's a wide shot of the "before the Bible" picture.  Yes, Celine is in the background pretending to die of some sort of poisoning.   Don't ask why.  I haven't an answer for you.  Don't let JP fool you- he contributed to my frustration as much as the rest of them.  


Once they were all finished and we were waiting for Chris to haul us all home, the waiting room became Crazyville!  I had two options.  One: go bizerk, and strangle them all in a flash of insanity, thereby permanently quieting their incessant chatter and assuring my peace and quiet, (albeit in the Big House, but hey, quiet is quiet.  You take it wherever you can get it!) Or, Two: take them all outside in the parking lot and keep them occupied with games and activity.  LOTS of physical activity.  I chose the latter.  I know, not as interesting as the first, but the one downside to my first option was that I would have eradicated my position as nanny and teacher, seeing as the kids I nanny and teach would no longer need a nanny and teacher.  See my point?  So I went with the second choice.  We played in the parking lot and in the ditch next to Chris' office.  Yep, that's right I made my kids play in a DITCH!  LOL!  Desperate times call for desperate measures!  At least it was a grassy ditch and not a muddy one!

So we played Stars, and Simon Says, Freeze Dance, and a rousing game of Middle Deck.  That really tires them out!  Here's some pictures of the monkeys playing in the ditch:

Brian was "it" first for Stars.

Waiting for Brian to give enough hints to be able to guess the movie he has in mind.

Celine, thinking REALLY hard!

Chris came out after a while, and took us all home.  Then, thankfully he took all the boys out for a while, leaving me to a quiet house with only Celine.  That, my friends, was all the reward this girl needed!

Until next time, peeps!

Be good and God bless!

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