Saturday, October 18, 2008

TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Warning- It's an epic one!

IT's A GIRL!!!
Born: October 18th, 1975
Weight: 5.11 lbs
 18" long

She's as cute as a BUTTON!

On this day, 33 years ago, under the bright light of the full moon, my mother brought a precious baby girl into this world!  A baby girl so precious and lovable that none who have followed could compare!  This tiny bundle of pink perfection of course is me! I had a very busy day planned, but the party started YESTERDAY!  I have a hilarious slideshow prepared for you to watch at the end of the post!
Friday I arrived to work to "Surprise!"  and "Happy Birthday!"s all around!  They had hung the birthday banner, and copious amounts of hugs were rained unpon me.  (is there anything better than a good hug?  Not in my book!)  At snack time Donna, Meg, and the kiddies all gathered around to sing "Happy Birthday" and watch poor OLD me blow out the candles on my 2- count 'em- 2 cakes!!!!

 Donna graciously spared me by not putting the full 33 candles on them!  Then I opened more lovely gifts than a person should get!  Each of them as thoughtful as the previous.  I am now the proud owner of a personalized travel coffee mug, adorable stationary, hand soap and lotion that smells yummy enough to EAT, and some snazzy makeup from Sephora!  And that's just the start!  Donna took Meg and I out to lunch at the swanky and newly remodeled One Ocean Hotel down at the beach.  Lunch was
amazing and exciting!  We sat out on the patio next to the beach because we live in Florida, and the weather is stunning in Florida in autumn.  Anyway... we were relaxing under this beautiful aqua blue umbrella the size of Buick.  We were sipping our glasses of wine; OH!  did I mention the best part?!   We were child-less!  Chris had taken the kids; leaving us to a quiet luncheon.  As I was saying, we were sipping our glasses of  wine, when a mighty wing came roaring upon us and lifted this ginormous umbrella out of a 200+ pound slab of granite! It was tossed across the patio, narrowly missing Donna's head by just inches!!  It took two grown men to lift it back into place.  Once all was righted, we settled back into our conversation, but we weren't about to trust that umbrella stand again!  Each time the wind would blow we'd flinch in anticipation of the umbrella attacking again.   Thankfully, it stayed put, and we finished our amazing lunch.  The only thing more amazing than the food was the stunning surroundings and fantastic company!  Thank you, Donna and Meg for a Lovely Lady Luncheon!

And the fun didn't stop there!  That night I met my closest girlfriends for a yummylicous dinner at P.F. Chang's.  Erin and her adorable kids met Meghan, Yvette and myself, and we had a blast!  Her kids are too cute, and it always amazes me that they eat WHATEVER she puts in front of them!  No picky eaters in that family.  Meg bestowed me with a beautiful apron, the most lovable Salt and Pepper shakers, and a journal for me to jot my thoughts down in.  Hmmm, I wonder where she got the idea that I liked to write?  Ha. Ha.  Afterwards, in leu of cake, we all trekked  about a mile to Yoga-Berry, and I was in heals!  Walking was my bright idea, next time we take the car!  I have some serious blisters as souvenirs.  OUCH!  Yoga-Berry was delicious, always is!  If you've never heard of them, they're an organic 21st Century version of TCBY.  It's actually yogurt, though!  I'm not a fan of the original flavor- it just tastes like frozen plain yogurt.  The berry flavors are really good.  I haven't yet tried a berry based flavor I didn't like...yummmmm.  I could so go for a Yoga-Berry with granola on top!  Focus, Shannon!  Focus!   Needless to say that all present had a great time!  Thanks, you guys!  You helped to make my birthday extra special!!!  I love you gals!!!!

Today was pretty crazy!  I used to think that the world stopped on my birthday.  I blame my mother for this type of thinking.  She made each and every birthday an extra special, over the top, sensory overload!  My mom was the type that made other mothers cringe when planning their kid's parties.  How could they compare to the blowout galas that mom put on?  Each event had a theme, and each  and every detail contributed to that theme!  And we never had birthdays, we had birthweeks!  There was too much celebrating to be done to fit into just one day.  Now that I'm an adult, though, I have learned the hard truth that the world does, indeed, continue to spin on its axis.  Just as Youth Group continues to meet, other people have important things to do, and Walmart (my nemesis) is beckoning me to drag my unwilling self across its threshold and spend what little moolah I have on the mountains of junk they have stocked on their shelves.  SO, I had planned a BLOWOUT Costume Party for Youth Group on my birthday.  It was very much along the lines with Mom's past "work".  Complete with fog machine, gross out boxes, and decorations galore! 

 I made the requisite trip to Walmart to gather last minute supplies for the party.  Then it was off to Mom and Dad's for a family "Linner"- That's an late lunch/early dinner.  Katie and the kids were there and Yvette joined these festivities, as well.  By the way, Mom had 2 cakes for me, too!  Whew, I did NOT partake in both of them!  I promise!  Cora sang "Happy Birthday" like a pro, along with her big sis, Alexis.  Mom and Dad presented me with a cute beach-y accessory for the condo and they contributed to the "Get Shannon an external hard drive" Fund.  I felt very loved, and we had a great time.  Then it was off in a flash to church to set up for 2 hours for the YG party.  Mom, Katie, and the kids came down with cupcakes and took a look around a out hard work.  Before I knew it YG was underway, and before long that, too was over.  My roomie and I headed home pretty late, and in blink of an eye, my 33rd B-Day was over!  :(  

Yvette surprised me with my very own pig puppet!!  It's name is Pip Squeak!  If you're asking why would I want a pig puppet then  you need to read this past post.  I love him!!  Thanks, roomie!!

It was a wonderful day filled with family, friends, and fun.  I cannot complain.  I loved every moment of it!  Thank you to everyone for all that they did to make this 3rd anniversary of my 29th b-day so special!  But most especially, thank you for loving me!  

A special thanks to the woman who loved me first: Mom... thank you for making me the woman I am today.  Thank you for giving me LIFE, your kind heart, your love of life, your strong will, your party planning prowess, your eye for beauty, and above all thank you for the greatest gift a mother can give their child, Faith.  You have shaped every other aspect of my life by teaching me about Christ and His Church.  Your example of Faith has made an indelible impression on my life.  I pray that some day, in God's time, I have the awesome responsibility of exemplifying the same Faith for my own children.  SO, Mom, from the one who loved you first:  Thank you, and may God reward you handsomely for all of the unselfish love you have shown me throughout my life.  I love you forever, for always!

To everyone else:

Be good, and God bless!!!!!

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