Friday, October 17, 2008

Getting on God's Good side...

According to the Bible, (which is fact the Written Word of God), "God's good side" we've come to learn, is His Right Side. This is what we are all learning in Religion this week. Of course they're each learning age appropriate material. JP's book goes into greater detail than say, Brian's and Celine's is much simpler than Grant's, but they are all learning about The Final Judgment and the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy. Wow! Pretty deep, I know- but there's a funny story in here, I promise! So each day I spend ample time teaching them the day's lesson. I love this time-
usually. Teaching them about what we believe as members of the Church is the most important thing I can teach them. Not to mention that, for some reason, it's during this subject that the silliest things are said. You'll recall Grant's insistence that God had a head. His reasoning was that He need a place to keep His hair. (If you didn't read that post read "TOO FUNNY" HERE. It was too funny!)

Well, Funny Guy, Grant has struck again! We've been reading the passage in Matthew where Christ talks about separating the sheep from the goats, and how He will put the sheep on His right hand and the goats on His left. Grant, being of a literal mind, says, "There's sheep in Heaven? I didn't think that there were any animals in Heaven." OK, so he totally missed the point, this means that I have to explain the "Word of God" using my own words. A pretty daunting and nerve racking thing to have to do, I might add. I start explaining to him that the sheep are the souls of those who have lived good lives and followed Christ while on earth, and the goats are those souls who chose their own will over God's. Then I told him that the sheep will be on God's right hand, while the goats will be on His left. Grant chimes in, "YEAH! I'm a righty!" I just shook my head. This could be interpreted in two ways:

-One: Literally. That he's a righty. And that passage, in his mind, according to his interpretation, means that only "righties" are going to Heaven. I have no clue where he gets this stuff, honestly I don't.

-Two: He's pretty darn assured of his salvation, and is on his way to Heaven, thus being a "righty" in the sense that he'll be considered a "sheep".

He really meant that he writes with his
right hand, making him a righty.  He just heard the "right side"and thought "righty".

I hear so many "blog worthy" things from these kids, that I have a stack of Sticky Notes on my desk mainly for writing down notes to myself, and they know when they're going to end up in the blog that day or the next.  When Grant saw me pull out a Sticky note he exclaimed: "OH, yeah!  I'm going on the blog!!!"   I'm looking at the sticky as I type this entry, so he was right.  

This is why I started this blog.  I would meet friends for dinner and they would ask me to tell them the "cute" things the kids had said or done.  Well, cute for them because they don't deal with this stuff day in and day out.  I admit that it is usually pretty funny, but I can't laugh at them.  It just fuels the fire, and it's just that much harder the next time to  NOT laugh at them.  My cousin, Nicole, still calls me "Channon", because Grant used to call me that before he learned how to pronounce the "SH" sound.  It doesn't bother me that she calls me that, it just reminds me of the days when he was a little man who loved to be cuddled.  AW!  I miss that guy!  Now i'm going all sappy!  That's enough.  This is the time to stop writing, or I'm gonna end up a blubbering mess, and you're gonna stop reading!

Be good and God bless!

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Thanks for visiting my blog and expressing your compassion. You have a big heart.