Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gator Farms and Light Houses

As of Monday, we are officially on Thanksgiving break!  And you all know what "break" means around here; "I'm bored so find something to keep me occupied, but it BETTER not be lame!"  So in an effort to amuse and not lose the little ones, we come up with a plan.  Well, sort of.  We came up with a plan for Monday.  We'll take the other days as they come. 

The plan was to go on a field trip to St. Augustine!  So we packed a picnic lunch and headed off to the Alligator Farm.  My sister and her kids joined us and contributed many humorous moments.  Like when Cora gazed into one of the gator enclosures and says, "Hims gots big teefs!"  Or when Duece finally wormed his way out of the stroller and started bounding about in a fit of energy.  As he chased himself around in circles he chanted, "I runnin'!  I runnin'!"  The Williemas loved chasing them around and doting on them!  Celine is such a little mother, and took good care of Cora and Deuce.  In fact all my kids took special interest in the Johns kids, and they loved showering them with attention, almost more than the little ones enjoyed receiving it!  

After an extended stint in the gift shop, we loaded up and headed over to the Light House.  We picnicked at the little park there, and the kids took this opportunity to burn off some energy and climb the beautiful old trees that shade the park.  As children, Katie and I climbed those very same trees, swung on those same swings, hung from the very monkey bars the kids were swaying upside down on, and giggled in much the same way as these children did all those years ago as we played hide and seek with our childhood friends.  It was wonderful to see these children, who I love so dearly, play in the very places my sister and I did when were little girls.  It's for reasons such as these that I cherish living in the town I grew up in.  I have never been so anxious to have my own children to share these moments with.  I keep reminding myself that it's all in God's time.

We then walked over to the light house that is just across the street.  The kids, Donna, Meghan and the older kids climbed to the top of the light house, and loved every step along the way!  Katie and I stayed on solid ground with the little ones, Cora and Deuce.  It was neat to see the kids way up at the top as they waved and called down to us.  Cora and Deuce kept us quite busy and entertained.  Cora went around "reading" all the signs, and Deuce having discovered that he is in fact a boy, took get delight in throwing anything that he found laying about on the ground.  Unfortunately the flower beds were lined with small white rocks that he would throw hand fulls of at a time.  After touring the Light Keeper's house that has been converted into a museum, we said our fair wells, and headed home.  It was a long, but wonderful day!  I am so happy that I could share it with my favorite sister and her adorable childrens.  And so happy that our kids could spend a little more time together.  Thanks for joining up, Katie, Alexis, Cora, and Deuce!  You'll have to watch the slid show I made of our fun day!  I'm warning you!  It's a long one, but it was a LONG day!

Lastly, the new blog is COMPLETE!  In case you haven't been counting, this is my 99th blog post!  So the relaunch will either be in honor of the 100th post, or our FIRST ANNIVERSARY!  That's officially on the 6th, so depending on how long it takes to load the new layout, we'll have our new look and our new name!!!!  So keep checking back often to see the new us!!!

Until then:

Be good and God bless!

P.S.  Have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving! Please know that I am counting everyone of you as one of blessings!  Thanks for so faithfully reading the blog!  I love reading your comments!  God bless you and your families!


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