Saturday, November 29, 2008

100 Posts and Counting!...

Well, we did it!  We're officially centenarians!  Ok, not really.  The blog would have to be on the verge of celebrating it's 100th anniversary, rather than it's 100th post, but since there's not a snowball's chance in Florida of that happening we're gonna just say that we're centenarians!  

In honor of this milestone, along with the fact that we are just around the corner from our First Anniversary, we have relaunched the blog!  Along with out new look we have changed our name, (because we can!)  We are now "From Diapers to Driver's Licenses... Adventures of the Super Nanney"!  One would think that I would know a lot more than I do, having watched all these munchkins trade in their diapers for driver's licenses, but truthfully I often wonder how I could have so much more still to learn!  But let's not forget that while they may all be out of diapers, we only have 3 with licenses, so I guess that by the time they are all able to drive then I'll be the wisest of the wise!  By the way, the meaning of my name is "small, wise one".  I can't begin to dispute in how many ways that description is off!  That is SO not me!  

I hope you all like the new look of the blog, and I want to thank Julie and Coley over at LeeLou Blogs for our beautiful new look!  Thanks for putting up with me and creating such an amazing blog.  It is everything I imagined it would be, from the pink to the paisleys!  I am so blown away!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Take a few minutes to look around and admire all their hard work. 

And lastly, thanks to  all of you for reading all of these crazy musings!  If it wasn't for you all reading them, then I'd have no reason to write these things down!

Well, I'm off to finish decorating for Christmas!  Lots of work to be done!!!

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Katie said...

Okay so it took some time, but I LOVE the new look. SOOO you. Congratulations on the 100th post and thanks for all the stories, pictures, and movies you have shared with us through the blog!