Tuesday, November 4, 2008

One Voice...

It's Election Day!  Why we're still calling it "Election Day" is beyond me.  We've had 2 weeks to cast our vote, not counting all of the early votes sent in by absentee ballot.  Why don't we just go ahead and call it "Election Deadline", but then again, that's not even accurate, due to all the absentee ballots that will be sent in after today!  A little voting fact for you... I was informed yesterday that election officials don't even count the absentee ballots unless the race is VERY close.    Now I'm not sure about this piece of information, but that doesn't sound very constitutional to me.  I wouldn't doubt it, though.  

I did join in with the hundreds of thousands of Americans who opted to vote early.  I went Saturday and cast my vote at the library.  I was surprised by the 20 minute line!  But I think that I'm more surprised my the numbers of people that I'm hearing from that DIDN'T vote early.  Not that it matters, as long as you exercise your right to vote, you can do so at 6:59 p.m., for all I care.  I just thought most people would want to avoid the wait, seeing as there are record numbers predicted for the polls today.  While this does prove to be an historic election, I just pray that it's one we don't end up lamenting for decades to come.  We so desperately need a Godly leader, and it is for that I am praying for.

The kids are getting in on the voting bandwagon.  They're too young to understand the issues, but they definitely understand the importance and enormity of this election.  Celine has a game she plays in the car.  When she sees an Obama sign she cries, "BOOOOOOO", and she'll say, "YEAAHHH!" when she sees a McCain sign.  When I asked JP who he was voting for he said, "Me!  John Paul for President!"  I mentioned to him that he was too young to be President, he replied, "Not Class President!"  Grant went as McCain for Halloween, and his cousin went as Obama, but had a sign taped to his back that read "Vote for McCain!"  Brian hasn't had much to say, but I know that his mind is working overtime!  Even more interesting was the fact the Colette came home today proclaiming that she had got into a heated discussion with a boy in her class that was claiming that it wasn't "sinful" to support a woman's "right to choose".  When she asked how he could even think that abortion wasn't sinful he told her that supporting the right to choose wasn't the same as supporting abortion.  This debate lasted over several class periods.  I was very proud that she was supporting and defending Life.  It amazes me that even our youngest can grasp the importance of this election.   I just hope and pray that our fellow Americans grasp the enormity of the outcome of this day.

Be good, and may God bless America! 

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