Monday, November 17, 2008

Wern's 17 Today!

Holy cow! I can NOT believe that Warren turned 17 today!  So much has changed since I met that sweet, shy boy ten years ago!  His name for one- he prefers to be called Wern (rhymes with Vern).  I'm not sure why- it's something he picked up at school a few years back.  His dad has always called him "W", but his buddies gave him this most recent one.  He's also changed what is a common obsession with young boys- computers, into a genuine plausible future career- film making.   Some of you have seen the amazing short films he has written, produced and directed over the past few years.  In fact he's become quite well known in his school as the resident movie machine!  He's really talented, and has begun looking at universities that will teach him how to be a better film maker.  We are very proud of the man he's becoming!  That thought in itself is a HUGE change!  To have to look up to him, rather than crouch down to be eye to eye with him, is yet another change.  At 6'1" he towers above me!  There are times when I still catch glimpses of the the boy he was, I don't think that I could have ever imagined the man he would one day become.  What's amazing is that he's not done yet!  He's just a Junior in high school, and while is extremely mature, he is far from being "grown".  Like when he's playing the XBOX, or he starts fiddling with legos that are just laying around, or when he wrestles with his younger brothers.  These are the times I cherish, and make a mental note of.  It's these moments that will only become fewer and fewer as time goes by.

To Warren!  One of my favoritest 17 year olds in the whole world!  Thank you for the laughs, and all the wonderful moments you have shared with me!  I love ya, and I can't wait for the next 10 years!

In honor of Wern's 17th B Day, here's one his first productions.  It stars his little brother, Grant.  

Be good and God bless!

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Mike said...

OMG! You totally had me going there. ~MMM