Saturday, November 8, 2008

Welcome home, B-I-L!

Just wanted to welcome my B-I-L (brother-in-law) back home!  He's been away for many moons now, training for the FL NG, and his absence has been tough on my sister and their adorable kiddos.   Everyone was very excited to see Daddy.  Please keep Katie, Chris and their family in your prayers as they begin to prepare for Chris'  imminent deployment to Iraq in May.  As difficult as it has been on their family to have been apart for these past 6 months, it will surely be much more difficult to bear this next separation.   We can only thank God that my sister has the love and support of not only her family but Chris' as well as a wonderful pool of friends!   We will all be rallying 'round her and the kids, and sending Chris all our prayers.  I've already decided that, should he be deployed as planned, he will be adopted as our "soldier" and I've got the first several care packages planned out to send to him.  I think for now I'll take the attitude of an infamous character, Scarlett O'Hara.  "I'll think about that tomorra.  Tomorra's anotha daay!"  

Until then...

God bless our troops, and God bless America, and Be GOOD!

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