Sunday, December 21, 2008

On the road...

Hello everyone! I'm blogging from the road on my way to Savannah. Ooooo- I LOVE Savannah! That seems to be the usual response when I mention going there. It's true- everyone loves Savannah. What's not to love!

So I'm going to Gorgia to attend the Baptism of my newest cousin, Garrison Lee- better known as Tripp. He's a cutie, and we will be meeting him for the fist time today! If he's anything like his big sister, Robbin, then he'll deffinately be adorable! I promise that I'm not "borrowing trouble" when I say that I can only imagine ththat this little man I'd bound and destined to be a handfull with a name like "Tripp". I can hear of now, " Oh, that one? He's a TRIPP!".

I'm going to keep this short. My battery is being eaten alive composing this! I'll post pictures tonight or tomorrow, depending on how late we get back!

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