Saturday, December 20, 2008

Save the Drama for Your Momma!

Today was fraught with drama!  I still don't know where the day went wrong, but somewhere along the way it took a terrible turn for the worse.  What started out as Brian being his usual goomba self, melted down into an actual temper tantrum resplendent with flailing arms, bemoaning cries, and actual tears!!  At first he was pretending to throw a tantrum, but when I didn't take him seriously he decided that the real deal might get him noticed a little better, so he brought out the BIG guns.  I had my handy dandy camera, well- handy.  So I took a video of his antics.  Don't worry, I've spared you the worst of it all!  In this video he's still pretending, but there had been a stray tear or two that were squeezed out just before I started filming.  Just keep in mind that the whole act started because he had a teeny-tiny scratch on his leg, like the size of a paper cut.  Without out further ado...

The Wound that Launched  Thousand Tears!!!

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