Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Funniest Kid I Know!

This is a post dedicated to the funniest most entertaining kid I know:  My Niece, Cora.  Now, this in NO way is saying that the other kiddos I know and love aren't funny... but in order to appease someone, (ahemmm, Katie, my favorite sister...) I have decided to make this post all about CORA ALINE JOHNS!!! 


So I have adorable, almost 3 year old niece, Cora.  She is a PISTOL!  She never ceases to crack me up!  By the way, when you say that she's "almost 3" she quickly corrects you, "No, I TWO!"  

We were at my Mom and Dad's house the other Sunday, (yes, Kate, they're YOUR Mom and Dad, too), and she breaks out in this hilarious dance, and she kept chanting, "Shake the Boo-tay!  Shake the Boo-tay!"  I HAD to film it to show you guys!  She was watching Tom and Jerry, and I guess that inspired her to D-A-N-C-E!  So, here's Cora in her Super Nanney debut staring in "Shake The Boo-tay!"


Each time I watch this clip I'm reminded of another adorable 3 year old (my other precious niece, Alexis when she was that age) who had to learn a very important life lesson.  She would adamantly remind everyone of this lesson she had recently learned the value of... namely  "Don't shake your booty in church!!"  I have a feeling this is a lesson we will soon teach Miss. Cora.  That should be fun...

She also has a fascination with my iPhone... smart kid!   I have the game Scoops on it, she calls it "No Beggies!", though.  That's supposed to be "No Veggies!"  but she has a hard time with her "b"s.  In the game, ice cream falls from the heavens and you are supposed to catch it on your cone.  In this world of impossibility, vegetables ALSO fall from the sky, and if you catch them then you die!  So she yells, "NO Beggies!  Onwee iceteam!"  She jumps on my phone every chance she gets to play it... see for yourself:

Cute, huh?

Well, if I took the time to write all the adorably hilarious things she does then she'd need her OWN blog!  My sister does a fairly decent job of capturing her "funnies" (haha!), so you can head over to her blog if you just can't get enough CORA!  I know I NEVER can!!

Aunt Sissy LOVES YOU, Cora-belle!

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