Friday, January 16, 2009

We've Been Invaded!!

By a marauding pirate!  Ok, so he's not actually a pirate, but he sure looks like one with that- wait... what is that on his face??!!  

Is it:
A.  A very dirty washcloth.
B. A tea bag wrapped in a paper towel.
C. A massive eye wound that's been badly bandaged.
D. A used Swiffer pad that he put on his face after a gross and pointless dare.

Despite what it may look like it is really a tea bag wrapped in a paper towel.  Why is this child wearing a tea bag on his face?  Because Meghan told him to put one there, that's why... but she did have a reason for instructing JP to do this.  He had cdonjuncivitus, and when she was a kid her mom would put a moist tea bag on her eye.  I'm not sure where the medicine in this is... but I think that the tea leaves draw out the infection... again, I don't know HOW it works.. but it DID!  The next day he looked MUCH better and by the day after that his eye looked all better!   Not to mention it looked RELLAY funny, and he smelled a LOT better than he usually does!

Here's JP explaining his Pirate-Tea patch himself... (Get it? Pirate-y?)

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