Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Knock OUT!!!

I have come to expect and actually cherish the adorable little "gifts" the munchkins leave on my Mac.  Well, sorta.  

Today I found a plethora of images of JP doing only heaven-knows-what in Photo Booth.  I might not have found these little beauties if it hadn't been for Brian.  He was in the process of filming a video of him "beating JP up".  I have graciously included both the multitude of stills of JP and Brian's video:

Is this thing on??

Wait, you have a little something on your nose...

I have no clue what was going on in this one...

Oh, no!  Double Trouble!

AHHHHH! Now there's three of him!

This is how I see JP after a day like today- all twisted and swirly!

The Crimson Chin! Minus the crimson, of course.

This is JP after the head shrinkers finally caught up with him!

The Hulk after his skin bleaching...

As you can see, it wasn't JP who was knocked out, but Brian.  He wore himself out trying to demolish JP's image.  Maybe I should have told him it was just a picture of JP, not ACTUALLY JP, but it was much more fun to watch him do this.  I'm SURE there will be many more antics to report on tomorrow, so for now...


Yvette said...

Do these kids do any learning up in that school room? It seems to me that they spend way too much time goofing off! Tell 'em that Ms. Yvette says to get back to work! LOL

CatholicGirl said...

YES, of course they do! This always occurs during snack break. You know, when I leave the room to get a snack. Or water, or VALUME!!! J/K on the last one!

I'll tell them you said that though.