Thursday, February 19, 2009


Did you ever receive a note on your work when you were in school that read, "See Me!"  This was  usually just a way for the teacher to get your attention so she (or he) could further explain something to you, but sometimes it was an indication of the
bad things to come.   Well, yesterday as I graded JP's Religion workbook there were an abnormally high number of incorrect answers or questions that he had just skipped.  Knowing how this is not how he "rolls", I left him a few little post-it flags on the pages that we needed to go over.   Well, when I went to look over his work from today, I noticed that the "notes" were gone.  He hadn't come to see me, or ask me about them, or even acknowledged their being.  Or so I THOUGHT.  Upon closer inspection I saw that he had indeed taken notice.  So much so that he had FOLDED THEM into the book so I couldn't see them, hoping I'd forget.  WHAT????  I was amazed and, to be honest, amused.  Now, I do not have the best memory, but I can assure you that it isn't THAT bad.  He was sitting right next to me when I realized what he had done:

ME:  JP, did you not see the "SEE ME" tabs I put in your book?

JP:  I saw them.

Me: So why didn't you "See Me"?

JP:  I Dunno. (I flip through the book looking for the pages I had so diligently marked the day before.)

Me: Did you just fold these into the book??? 

JP:  uh, huh.  Yep.   (Notice the lack of remorse or acknowledgement of wrong doing...)

Me: Really? Did you think for a minute that I put those there for a reason?

JP:  Not really.

Me: OK, then.  I'm so glad I took the time to put those little guys in your book.  Now that I have your attention, let's go over the ones I wanted you to "See me" about.  You're a trip, JP.

JP:  Thank you.

As I finished going over the pages with him, I would hand him the sticky flag.  Would you like to see what he did with them? Too bad. Here you go:

Welcome to my world....

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