Friday, February 13, 2009

They Love ME!! They Really, Really Love Me!!

I know it's a day early, but...


My munchkins had quite the surprise planned for me!  This was waiting for me when I arrived at work today:

In case you can't see the picture clearly; there is a box of Diet friendly chocolates, a lovely note pad, Never dying roses (aka fake or silk for the fake flower connoisseurs o
ut there), "XO" shaped cookie cutters form Meg, and oodles of beautiful cards!

I feel sooo special and loved right now!  The cards were the best part, though!  I have a box of all the cards they've given me throug
h the years.  Well, it started out as a shoe box, bust has grown into a GIANT plastic storage tub.  One acquires a TON of cards over a decade of nannying!

I brought them each the cutest crazy bendy pens made by a 10 year old girl I met recently.   Jp's was a guitar, Grant's was a jet, Brian's a sea turtle (that he immediately named TOM),  and Celine received a heart.  The older kids liked theirs as well, but remember- we're not allowed to talk about them on here!

Here's a few pics of the kiddos with their new pens:

May you have a blessed St. Valentine's Day, and may you experience the GREATEST LOVE OF ALL in a very personal way!

God loves you 

and so does the Super Nanney!

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