Thursday, February 12, 2009


If you were a pirate, what shoulder would you wear your parrot on??

This was the question JP posed to me today.  It came as most of the munchkins' questions do- out of the blue.  We were in the car, heading to somewhere... this must have been something he was thinking about, because he had been pretty quiet up until this point.  I was far from surprised by this inquiry, I get a lot of these types of questions in my line of work.  

I was a little surprised by how seriously I considered my answer, though.  After a few moments of considering the options I decided that I would rath
er my fine feathered friend to primarily perch on my left shoulder.  Why?  Well, it should be obvious why, but to clarify...

I am right handed, and should I find myself in a heated life or death sword fight, I'd like my right arm free of Polly.  Plus, he wouldn't be very safe on my fencing arm, anyway.  

Now that I've cleared that up, I would also like to add that I'd like my parrot to be a Hyacinth Macaw, and I would so NOT call it Polly!  That's just unoriginal!  I'm not SURE what I'd name it, that would be a little TOO much thought on the subject!  Geesh!

So, now you know MY answer, how would YOU have answered JP?  And what type of parrot would you have?

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