Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Name is SHAN-NON...

Did you ever have a teacher that said, " There are no dumb questions."?  As a
teacher I agree with this sentiment, but as a professional nanny I have to strongly disagree!  I can't begin to tell you about the questions I get on a daily basis.  They range from the profound to the ridiculous, and yes, there is even the occasional stupid question.

For instance I was JUST asked if I could write a recommendation for Wern to be a "buddy" at "Camp I Am Special".  That would be filed under the "profound" category.   I also was just asked by Brian, "Why are these spelling words sooo hard?!  Their sooo long!"  Now this could be considered a facetious question, but he fully expected an answer!  This is going under the "ridiculous" category!   My point is that every day, all day long I am berated by questions.  There are times when I feel like I'm under enemy fire, they come at me so fast!

Grant is the questioner.  He asks more questions than any other living person I know.  I wonder if he does it just to hear his own voice, because the only time he isn't asking questions is in his sleep.  Even then I think he may be dreaming of new questions to ask because when he wakes up he has a ton of new questions to ask.   It doesn't do any good to ignore him, either.  He'll either keep asking the same question over and over and over and over, or he'll find a new way of asking the same question until you answer him or exclaim out of utter frustration, "I DON'T know, Grant!"  To which his usual response is, "OK, OK, I was just asking... geesh!"  His favorite question to ask right now is, "Can we go swimming?"  I knew yesterday was going to be a rough day when the first thing he said to me was, "Can we go swimming?"  It was 8 AM, by the way, and it wasn't even grammatically correct!  ("May we go swimming, please?" would have been the correct question to ask.)  Plus he knows they aren't allowed to swim until after school is finished, AND it was really chilly that day (well, chilly for Florida, anyway).  He proceeded to badger me about swimming until I finally told him, "NO.  Don't ask again or the official opening of pool season will be pushed back 2 more weeks!"  He hasn't asked to swim today, yet

They even ask each other questions.  I'm not just picking on Grant here, he may be full of questions, but they ALL ask more than their fair share of questions! 

 "When's dinner?"- Um... the same time as every night!

"What's for dinner?"- Um... don't know it's 3PM!

"Can we go swimming?" -No, Grant.

"Can I have a snack?" - Is it after 3PM? Then yes, you can have a snack, just like every other day of your life!!!

"Can we go swimming?"- No, Brian.

"Do I have practice today?"- Well, is it Tuesday? And do you have practice each and every Tuesday? Then YES you DO have practice! 

"Can I go swimming?"- NO, CELINE! And tell your brothers they are in big trouble for sending you in here to ask me after I told THEM not to ask me again!

As you can see I get a variety of unnecessary questions every day.  I might not mind even these questions if I didn't get the same ones EVERY DAY!

I have decided to keep a running tally of the number of questions I am asked today by humans younger than myself.  Adults won't count, although some days I think they should!  I'll post the GRAND TOTAL tonight after I am home and safely out the range of questions... but they have been known to call or text me with questions after I'm home.  If they do, then I'll just tack those onto the total too!

SO I want to make a tee shirt... The front would look a little like this:

Hello, My Name is:


I guess my point is this... I don't have anything against questions.  In theory they are very necessary and helpful little things, but when they are the only type of sentence you use they become quite annoying.  So I would like to introduce everyone to a few of my other "friends"

Everybody, I'd like you to meet Mr. Exclamation, he very passionate.  Then this is Ms. Telling, she always interesting things to say.  Lastly, this is Sergeant Commanding, he can be a bit bossy, but very helpful in certain situations.  Now that we're all friends- let's try to all play together nicely and not just with Mr. Questioning.  He's getting a little OLD.

Besides, the Questions Desk is closed for the day, we have met our daily quota... try again tomorrow


Rose said...

Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

Becca said...

I forget to blog from time to time too. I am glad to see that you are back in action.


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