Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another One Drives Off into the Sunset...

So this week is Monica's Sweet 16th Birthday!!!!  Holy cow!  Where does the time go???  Just yesterday she was six, and oh-so cute, and today she's a beautiful young woman relishing in her soon to be freedom!  This driving thing is killing me!  She can't wait to get her license and be able to go where ever she wants.  News flash:  that's not quite how it works... but she refuses to see that.  She's positive that she's getting a car, she isn't; and she has endless tips and critiques on my driving!  All this just solidifies that wisdom comes with age, maybe she'll wise up in the next few days... but I doubt it.    What she is getting is an AWESOME Sweet 16 party for all of her friends.  I have never seen the likes this party for a 16th Birthday... it's more like a "Homecoming" or "prom"!  This little "get together" has us all very busy, but it will be wonderful!!  I'm very excited for her!

I'll let you know how her BIG BASH went!

What am I going to do when all these munchkins can drive themselves everywhere??  *sigh!*

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