Thursday, April 30, 2009

Celine's Song!

Little Miss has been quite the little extravert today!  First hijacking the blog and now this!  She and I were goofing off while cleaning up the kitchen after lunch today, and we were singing (which isn't all that unusual for the two of us!).  OK!  We were bored out of our minds! So we made up this little ditty and thought we'd share it with y'all!  Enjoy!  (OH! And the lyrics are below,  just incase you didn't catch them all!)

Without further Ado... Celine's Song:

I... want...a house in the Hills,
A car with the frills,
A maid to clean up the spills!

I want to sleep until noon,
Howl at the moon,
Michael Buble to Croon (*swoon*)

This all may sound so sappy,
But it would make me awful happy!
If only for a short while-
I would SMILE!! (*with a GRIN!*)

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