Thursday, April 30, 2009

Celine and Her New T-Shirt!

So I have a new shirt, and I want to tell you what it says!  Well, okay, here it goes: "Friends are forever,  Boys are Whatever".  Ha ha ha! Isn't that funny?  Actually, my mom got it for me, but isn't it cute?  My brother JP, he said it was "cold", and then I said, "I know!  Thats probably why Mom got it for me!"  That's it... back to Shanny.

I had planned to blog about this today,  but the little Princess beat me to it!  I had the laptop open and ready to go, and the next thing I know, I hear little typing sounds!  She's over there typing my blog!  Well, I guess somebody's gotta do it!  I know I've been less than regular, lately.  It just seems like there's so much to do!  But, I am here now and blogging away!

I really like this T-shirt!  I think every little girl should be wearing these instead of "Hannaha Blondtanna" or "HSM" t-shirts!  Don't know what HSM is?  Well, you are SOO out of the loop, my friend!  It's none other than the High School Musical CRAZE!!!  I love that's she's wearing a shirt that is age appropriate, and OH! the wisdom!  

I think I needed to be reminded of this very wise advice today!  Thanks, Celine!  It may be "cold", but it is SOOO true!  Love, ya, little one!  

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