Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Sweet 16, Monica!!

Well, it was an AMAZING party, just like I knew it would be!  There was a was a black, white, & PINK theme.   The guests were all asked to dress in black and white while MONICA had a beautiful pink dress.   THe cake was made by a local bakery, Cenotti's, and was very yummy!  Monica and I sewed the table runners and table squares.  

Fun was had by all!  While I LOVE teenagers, (Crazy, I know!  I think that I have a chemical imbalance that forces me to actually LIKE teens!) these teens were all new to me, and not as adorable as my youth group kiddos, but I enjoyed them.  Mostly.  There was the requisite LOUD MUSIC, flashing lights, crazy dancing, and food.  There must ALWAYS be food when teens are involved, or things could get ugly!Meg was the photographer, and I was the... um, well... I'm not sure what I was.  I guess I was the decorator/chaperone/helper to the photographer/keeper of the candy bar(I made sure the Swedish Fish, Skittles, M&M's, and PB Cups stayed fully stocked!)  

Monica loved the party!  Here's a few pics to prove it!

The cake table.
Chris, Donna, Warren, Monica, & Colette
Meg the photographer/friend.
One of the two styles of table runners we made.
The most AWESOME Sweet 16 cake EVER!!!
Candy Bar.

The other style of table runner...

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Yvette said...

WOW!!! Way cool. Beautiful cake and decorations, especially the runners :)