Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Putt-Putt- Phun (pronounced FUN!)

Ever had the feeling that you may just lose you mind?  Well, I've had that feeling ALL week!  It's Spring Break around these parts, and I need a break from my break!!!  While the kids are so very happy to be free from school duties this means that I'm responsible for coming up with exciting things for them to do to keep them from burning down the house, er... I mean keep them entertained.  Thankfully they are getting to the age where they can make suggestions as to what they would like to do.  John Paul mentioned that he'd like to go play Putt-Putt Golf.  Easy enough, right?  Not quite.  There is only ONE putt-putt around here, and we weren't sure how good it would be.  So we packed up the munchkins and headed to Adventure Landing.  Surprisingly we had a great day!  We played unlimited golf, (for these kids their limit is TWO- short attention spans?)  They also had unlimited Laser Tag!!!! (again their max was two... what can I say, they aren't greedy!)  Then there were the endless arcade games and noisy things that require you to spend their college fund on tokens to play them.  Oh, and AL has an added feature or two, neither of which we partook of:  the alligator pond where you could FEED the Alligators from poles you rented (WHAT!??!?!?!?!?!) and the water park that actually looked pretty awesome.  We may have to do the second during the summer!  

Back to the golf... they did really well, considering.  Brian really doesn't have the patience for Golf, but he had fun.  JP is a natural at ANY sport he plays so he excelled as usual (he had the most HOLES IN ONE!)  Grant did well, also and had a few HIO himself, and Celine was pretty amazing.  She had a number of HIO to brag about as well.  I have never seen a group of kids get this many holes in one EVER!  Just a last note... Brian did FINALLY get a HIO, (I had been pulling for him SOOO hard!!) and it was on the LAST hole of the LAST game we played- and they had just announced that the 1st person to get a HIO with a blue or green ball would receive a PRIZE PACK.  Well, guess what?  HE was the 1st person!!  So he was doubly thrilled, and it was a great ending to the day!

Here is a little smile box I put together of the few pics I took on my AWESOME iPhone.  (Incase you were wondering: I had lost my charger to my little Coolpix and had no way to charge it.  I ALWAYS keep that camera with me because it's so easy to use and fits into any pocket.  I've been a little lost without it to say the least!  Never fear!  I have bought a new charger and it stays with the camera, now!  Me loosing the charger had a little something to do with my most recent bout with blogger's block!  It's just not as much fun to read my LOOOONNNG posts without pics!!) Thanks for hanging in there with me!

Without further ado:

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